10 Easiest and Handiest Recipes (and How to Make Them)

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Disney Dreamlight Valley can almost feel like a dream come true for fans of Disney and farming simulators thanks to all the elements it shares with Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Since the game’s launch in early September, fans have had plenty of time to invite their favorite Disney characters to their village and create the valley of their dreams.

But getting started isn’t the most magical process, as it can be quite difficult to muster the money and resources to make Dreamlight Valley as good, if not better, than the townspeople remember it because they keep their memories after it’s over. completing quests. To ensure that players can craft and farm in the most optimal way, the discovery and knowledge of the game’s countless recipes are immensely important for a prosperous future in Dreamlight Valley and guarantee the most efficient way to use money and stamina .


10/10 Pastry cream and fruit

This delectable dish is easy to make courtesy of Remy once players complete the Ratatouille rich and unlocked Remy’s restaurant where eggs, milk, peanuts, butter and more can be bought and cooked.

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By simply adding fruit (x3), sugar cane (x1) and milk (x1) into the pot, this recipe gives out custard cream and fruit that not only brings in about 497 coins for those who prefer to sell them, but also a five-star recipe. the player’s repertoire. As an added bonus, the dish can also provide over 2000 energy to those who prefer to eat it, making it an indispensable recipe that is both simple and profitable.

9/10 Iron Ingot

For those who plan on doing a lot of crafting to brighten up the valley decor and a player’s own home, iron bars are essential for almost all crafting recipes that represent some type of structure or furniture.

Fortunately, once other areas of Disney Dreamlight Valley are unlocked (particularly the Forest of Valor), players can get their hands on all the iron ore they need to craft an iron ingot, which requires iron ore (x5) and coal ore (x1), found in rocks scattered around the valley.

8/10 Scrambled eggs

Just like in real life, scrambled eggs are one of the easiest things to cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley as long as Chez Remy is unlocked after completing the Ratatouille Empire.

With a simple egg (x1) and cheese (x1) – both of which can be purchased from Remy – a scrambled egg is prepared and added to the player’s familiar recipe list, which can also be sold for around 520 coins and provides over 1000 energy for those who have little stamina. It’s both a profitable dish to sell and an easy pick-me-up for players who want to stay out just a little longer.

7/10 wedding cake

Love is in the air for this recipe as the wedding cake is not only beautiful to look at but also great for selling, energizing and gifting to existing characters and those about to enter . Disney Dreamlight Valley.

All it takes to provide the most loving display of sweetness is wheat (x1), butter (x1), egg (x1), sugarcane (x1), and vanilla (x1), which contains over 750 coins, 1600 energy and additional one five star recipe for the player’s collection. All of these ingredients can also essentially be obtained at the start of the game, with the minor exception of vanilla which can be found on the Sunlit Plateau once unlocked for 7,000 Dreamlight.

6/10 Ironworking station

Crafting will be a big part of the experience of Disney Dreamlight Valleyand since so many quests and gifts are objects that can be crafted, it can be a pain if there are only one or two workbenches at a time, so it’s best to place them in multiple locations so as not to have to repeatedly walk or teleport lost distances.

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With Iron Ingot (x10), Hardwood (x10) and Topaz (x1) this will make life in the valley much easier if you need to craft something very quickly or as part of a quest. Direct access to these files will save life and time in more ways than one. The hardest of these will probably be acquiring a Topaz, though often mining will yield players all kinds of gems in no time.

5/10 Vegetarian pizza

Pizza can be made almost right at the start of the game, with Vegetarian Pizza in particular being a five star recipe to add to the collection right away. Vegetables (x2), Tomato (x1), Cheese (x1) and Wheat (x1) provide easy access to the Vegetarian Pizza to make, with all ingredients essentially available from the start of the game.

Selling these in ample supply for 300-400 coins each provides a quick and easy way to earn quick cash early in the game, as well as a great gift for that perfect Disney sidekick who needs to start a new day with some pizza. If food is preferred, nearly 800 energy will be replenished with eating, so farming and doing scavenger hunts can last a little longer for the day.

4/10 fritters

Wheat (x1), Canola (x1), Eggs (x1) and Sugarcane (x1) is all a player needs to make this tasty treat, and all the necessary ingredients can be easily purchased from Goofy’s stalls, except for the eggs which can are acquired at Chez Remy.

With such a simple ensemble of ingredients, it’s a fruitful venture, as they sell for over 500 coins, give nearly 1000 energy, and add a four-star recipe to the collection.

3/10 Mediterranean salad

It is important that players are both energetic and profitable in Disney Dreamlight Valley so that there are little to no hiccups or hurdles in play when materials, upgrades or purchases have to be made that cost a pretty penny, and the Mediterranean Salad is perfect when provided with a recipe that does everything in a balanced way.

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A cucumber (x1), tomato (x1), onion (x1), herbs (x1) and lettuce (x1) provide a healthy meal that is perfect for garden and plant lovers with over 1000 energy for those who need to replenish their stamina, as well as a hefty 600 coins to sell for every Mediterranean salad made. Since all the ingredients in the dish just need to be grown, this can be a bountiful option for making a quick buck while adding an extra five-star recipe to the collection.

2/10 Ratatouille

The classic dish from the Disney Pixar movie of the same name is one of the first five-star dishes players will learn to make in Disney Dreamlight Valley when they try to convince Remy to come to Dreamlight Valley while completing quests for the Ratatouille Empire.

To make the dish, Remy walks players through a simple combination of ingredients that consist of tomato (x1), eggplant (x1), zucchini (x1), onion (x1), and herbs (x1). Once this is learned and completed outside the realm, players can add a simple five-star dish to their repertoire that offers over 900 coins and 1500+ energy, making it great for sales and replenishments.

1/10 Chests

It cannot be emphasized enough how important storage is in Disney Dreamlight Valleyand chests will make life much easier for any player in the valley, as more will be collected in the game’s extensive questline and catalog of items.

After obtaining the ubiquitous Softwood (x25) and Stone (x25), chests should be cleared almost every chance that arises as storage space at a player’s home is limited and only grows with the slow expansion done through Scrooge McDuck . Making these early and making sure many are made makes the overall experience much tastier and greatly reduces stress, especially if chests are also organized by item type.

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