11 Best Fig Recipes – Easy Fresh & Dried Fig Ideas

11 Best Fig Recipes - Easy Fresh & Dried Fig Ideas

If it’s early June, late August, or early September, drop everything, it’s fig season! Run, don’t walk, to the nearest farmer’s market or grocery store to grab some of these wonderfully strange and mysterious fruits that are only available a few weeks out of the year. Not only are they great to enjoy, we love them in everything from summer desserts to fall side dishes. Once you’ve got your hands on some, check out our 12 fig recipes for ideas, if you can avoid just biting into them.

Figs come in a number of varieties, but you’ll usually find black mission figs, brown turkey figs, or green Adriatic figs. They are all soft and squishy on the outside, different shades of pink on the inside, with slightly crunchy seeds. When ripe, they are extremely juicy and sweet, with a taste reminiscent of floral honey. They’re great for sweet uses like our fig jam or our fig compote and cheese breakfast bags, but it doesn’t stop there. Figs are also GREAT in savory recipes, adding a little sweetness to break out salty or bitter flavors. Try fresh figs paired with meat in our fig & ham tapas toast, or pair fig jam with cheese, such as in our baked goat cheese with caramelized onions or our ultimate holiday cheese board.

And since the season is SO short, we’ve also included some dried fig recipes. Like raisins, they can add a delicious sweetness to desserts and savory dishes. Try them in everything from chicken recipes, like our chicken tagine with couscous; homemade bread recipes, such as in our fig, olive oil and sea salt challah; or in healthier desserts, such as our fig bars.

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