12 hearty and nutritious stews

12 hearty and nutritious stews

Pamper your belly and calm your mind with this warm and hearty one-pot meal. This recipe makes more than enough to feed the whole family.

2. Pork, apple and cider stew with crispy potatoes

Pork, apple and cider stew with crispy potatoes

The flavors of tender pork and sweet winter apples are combined under a layer of crispy golden potato topping, just waiting to be scooped up.

3. Stew of lamb, vegetables and olives

Stew of lamb, vegetables and olives

3. Lamb, vegetable and olive stew

Tender beef cooked in a bottle of red wine gets all the richer and tastier with soft, fluffy dumplings soaking up the decadent sauce.

5. Lentil and pea stew

Lentil and pea stew

You don’t need fancy and expensive ingredients to make this humble, healthy and warming stew.

6. Slow cooker chicken stew with rosemary and barley

chicken-rosemary-and-barley stew

This slow cooker chicken stew recipe combines the flavors of barley, rosemary, garlic and white wine to create a winning dinner.

7. Easy Curry Stew

Easy curry beef stew

Believe it or not, canned condensed tomato soup is the secret ingredient to the fabulously rich flavor in this stew. Make six or one biggie!

8. Lamb and cabbage beer stew

Irish-ish beer stew of lamb and cabbage

There’s nothing like Ireland’s great food, and to be honest, this is nothing like Ireland’s great food. A classic Irish stew is, well, pretty bland – just lamb and potatoes, but with a few minor tweaks, Ed’s really made it delicious, even if it’s only Irish-esque.

9. Spicy eggplant and tomato stew


Cook up a little Middle Eastern magic with this hearty vegetarian stew that even meat lovers can sink their teeth into. Flavored with chili, ginger and Baharat spices, serve this aromatic dish with pita bread for scooping!

English beef and beer stew with horseradish dumplings

This distinctly English version is made even tastier by using rich dark ale for both color and flavour.

Hearty Irish Stew

Hearty, filling and oh so nostalgic. Grab a bowl and let a ladle warm from head to toe.

12. Stew of beef and dark beer


Osso bucco is a beautiful cut of meat that is perfect for slow cooking. But you can always swap it for 1kg of diced gravy if you want.

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