14 Healthy Guilt-Free Cake Recipes That Are Perfect For Weight Loss — Don’t Eat This That

14 Healthy Guilt-Free Cake Recipes That Are Perfect For Weight Loss — Don't Eat This That

Have you ever dreamed of Chili’s melted chocolate cake? Or resist birthday cake more than usual? We understand it. While sticking to your diet can be daunting with so many sweet treats around, the good news is: it doesn’t have to be. We have completed the best healthy cake recipes, so you can have your cake and eat it too.

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slice of copycat cheesecake factory cheesecake with strawberry and whipped cream
Kiersten Hickman/Eat This, Not That!

There’s nothing like a slice of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. Make your own cream cheese bliss at home with our copycat recipe. Our recipes cut the crust and the calories in half without sacrificing flavor or taste.

Get our recipe for Copycat Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake.

Healthy Vegan Chocolate CakeHealthy Vegan Chocolate Cake
Thanks to The Clever Meal

There is never a bad time for chocolate. Whether you’re watching your weight or trying a clean diet this year, this vegan chocolate cake has something for everyone. This recipe is egg-free, dairy-free, and the best part? It’s all possible in one bowl. Dark chocolate and (optional) espresso powder add the perfect punch to keep that decadent chocolate taste.

Get the recipe from The smart meal

Healthy Whole Wheat Birthday CakeHealthy Whole Wheat Birthday Cake

Birthdays are always a celebration, but for some they can be ridiculous. If you find yourself dreaming of a birthday cake but are trying to avoid the layers of frosting or the greasy vanilla cake, try this whole wheat birthday cake. Made without butter and without refined sugars, this is the perfect sweet treat to celebrate an occasion.

Get the recipe from Love in my oven

healthy cake pops (gluten free)healthy cake pops (gluten free)

If you’re craving something sweet but don’t want a big slice, look no further! These healthy cake pops are a dream for anyone who wants to eat sweet while staying healthy. Made with almond flour, cream cheese, coconut oil, and arrowroot powder, these cake pops are gluten-free and perfect for a mouth-watering mini-party.

Get the recipe from Erin is alive

Healthy apple cloud cake with two ingredientsHealthy apple cloud cake with two ingredients

This recipe will blow your taste buds. Made with just two ingredients, applesauce and gelatin, these fluffy treats skip all the trans fats and oils from eggs, flour, butter, and oil.

Get the recipe from Kirbie Cravings

Healthy Cranberry Coffee CakeHealthy Cranberry Coffee Cake
Courtesy of The Endless Meal

It’s surprising how wonderful a healthy coffee cake can be. This dessert is perfect for cozying up on a cold winter’s day. Dairy-free, flour-free, and made without refined sugar, this treat offers amazing health benefits, including lowering your risk of heart disease.

Get the recipe from The endless meal

Healthy Lean Lime Poke CakeHealthy Lean Lime Poke Cake

Get a refreshing kick out of your dessert with this low-fat key lime pie. Made with sugar-free lime Jell-O, diet lemon-lime soda, and sugar-free vanilla pudding, this treat satisfies the taste buds and promotes weight loss.

Get the recipe from Tasty Healthy Easy

Lemon CakeLemon Cake

If life gives you lemons, make this lemon tart. This sweet and light treat is low in fat due to the use of Greek yogurt, sugar free and low in calories.

Get the recipe from Baking 4 Happiness

Melted chocolate cakeMelted chocolate cake
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

The expectation of a warm and gooey chocolate cake might make someone want to explode, but with our recipe, it doesn’t have to. With only 320 calories and 22 grams of fat, our chocolate chili melted cake will have you melting with joy for its amazing taste and health benefits.

Get our recipe for Copycat Chili Chocolate Melted Cake.

banana piebanana pie

You will absolutely love this banana cake. Made with ripe bananas, buttermilk, gluten-free flour and a date glaze, this cake is perfect for someone who wants to eat sweet without all the carbs.

Get the recipe from Fermentation for gourmets

Oreo cakeOreo cake

Oreos are quintessentially the epitome of sugar, but this recipe allows you to enjoy the milk-favorite cookie without the guilt of the sugar. This cake is made with a light chocolate cake and a sugar-free cream cheese frosting. Added protein power helps build and strengthen muscle and fat, while each slice has just 26g of carbohydrates and just 230 calories.

Get the recipe from Mason Fit

Healthy One Bowl Applesauce CakeHealthy One Bowl Applesauce Cake
Courtesy of Chelsea’s messy apron

Criss-cross applesauce, this one bowl applesauce cake is perfect for a winter snack. Packed with ground oats for protein, coconut oil and pecans for fiber, an applesauce cake a day will definitely help keep the doctor away.

Get the recipe from Chelsea’s messy apron

milk cakemilk cake

Three reasons to love this three-milk cake: It’s gluten-free, made with coconut and almond flours, and has just 235 calories.

Get the recipe from picky eater blog


While there is often debate about whether carrot cake can really be considered cake, carrots don’t have to be boring. This healthy carrot cake recipe is packed with antioxidants and vitamins from raisins and carrots, while coconut oil, yogurt and almond milk, along with a blend of ground spices, provide the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

Get the recipe from A Sweet Pea Chef

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