15 best donut recipes – homemade donuts

15 best donut recipes - homemade donuts

Donuts are such special treats, aren’t they? Every chewy, sweet bite confirms it was totally worth it to get up and start your day. And while stopping by your local coffee shop or bakery is the easiest way to get your high-sugar fix, it’s not necessarily the best way. (Ree Drummond will personally confirm that in what she calls famous”The Donut Storywith a sweet looking apple fritter and shattered glass. đŸ˜‚) Nope, with these donut recipes you can make the freshest, tastiest treats at home.

There are so many kinds of donuts (or donuts, as they are often spelled here in the US) that you could spend hours researching the best varieties. But we think you should start here. We made fluffy fried donuts with yeastdenser cake donuts you can bake and an air fryer shortcut with canned cookies that saves time and calories. And just in case you don’t have time to make something from scratch, there are a few hacks too uplifting store-bought donuts. Hey, donuts are tasty anyway in our opinion. Just look at Ree’s genius idea of ​​grilling donut holes! So go ahead, click through to find all the glazed, stuffed, and sprinkled breakfast treats of your dreams. They make you feel like getting up and facing the day no matter what you have planned.