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Cinnamon Chickpea Blondies

Chickpeas are not only a great source of protein, fiber and other vitamins, but they can also be added to a wide variety of baked goods for a nutritional boost. Plus, the consistency of blended chickpeas adds the perfect amount of creaminess to cookies, cakes, brownies, and other treats. Try these 15 delicious chickpea dessert recipes and see for yourself just how versatile these legumes are!

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1. Cinnamon Chickpea Blondies

Cinnamon Chickpea Blondies

Source: Cinnamon Chickpea Blondies

These vegan Cinnamon Chickpea Blondies from Jenn Sebestyen will be your new go-to treat! They are moist and soft in the middle with just a bit of a crunchy crust on top. They are perfectly sweet, healthier than your average blondie recipe and oh so addictive! While these have a good amount of sugar, they’re also packed with protein, fiber, folate, and iron, so you can feel good about your new afternoon treat! Oh, and guess what? They are gluten free and oil free too! You have to try these vegan chickpea blondies!

2. Chickpea brownies without flour

Chickpea brownies without flour

Source: Chickpea Brownies without flour

Flourless Chickpea Brownies are fudgy and packed with delicious chocolate flavor. These protein-rich brownies from Maggie Wescott are a healthy dessert or snack any time of the day! Chickpeas are a pretty bland tasting bean and once combined with all the other ingredients there is not a hint of bean anywhere. These brownies are compact and fudgy, with the perfect amount of sweetness from the maple syrup and dark chocolate.

3. Besan Barfi: Date and Chickpea Fudge

Besan Barfi: Date and Chickpea Fudge

Source: Besan Barfi: Date and Chickpea Fudge

This is a very simple and delicious recipe for Besan Barfi made with dates and besan (chickpea flour). The besan gives Preeti Tamilarasan’s barfi a nutty flavor and melting texture, and the dates are a unique addition! You can also add a handful of nuts such as pistachios, almonds or cashews for an extra crunchy texture.

4. Biscoff Crumb Cookie Dough Fudge

Biscoff Crumb Biscuit Dough Fudge

Source: Biscoff Crumb Cookie Dough Fudge

This one Biscoff Crumb Biscuit Dough Fudge from Vicky Coates is vegan, healthy and gluten free, but above all delicious! A rich chocolate and peanut butter fudge filled with chunks of chocolate and topped with a crumbly Biscoff cookie… a heavenly dessert!

5. Chickpea Brownies

Chickpea Brownies

Source: Chickpea Brownies

Vegan two-bite Chickpea Brownies made with chocolate dessert hummus! These vegan chickpea brownies from Alexandra and Eian are decadent, chewy, rich, and most importantly, healthy!

6. Brownie Bros With Chickpea Cookie Dough Dip

Brownie Bros With Chickpea Cookie Dough Dip

Source: Brownie Bros With Chickpea Cookie Dough Dip

On its own, this dive rocks like crazy. This one Brownie Bros With Chickpea Cookie Dough Dip by Chrysta Hiser is like a chocolate cracker, the absolutely perfect edible transport system for the cookie dough.

7. Chickpea and Banana Flour Chocolate Chip Brownies

Chocolate chip brownies with chickpeas and banana flour

Source: Chocolate Chip Brownies with Chickpeas and Banana Flour

This rich, fudgy Chickpea and Banana Flour Chocolate Chip Brownies from Sara Grandominico will impress everyone after the very first bite. These treats are a little firm and a little bit crunchy on the top and edges, but gooey and fudgy in the middle. The chocolate chips have melted a bit, but only give a little bit of crunch and the creamy banana perfume permeates the whole thing – it’s seriously the best classic brownie we’ve seen in a long time.

8. Grain Free Chickpea Blondes

Grain Free Chickpea Blondies

Source: Grain Free Chickpea Blondies

This one Grain Free Chickpea Blondies by Katherine Weltzien are incredibly easy to make (just throw the ingredients in a food processor and bake) and they are a sweet, savory, fudgy snack/dessert. PLUS, they have the added benefit of keeping you full longer than a regular brownie, so take a few with you to school or work to snack on.

9. Raw Chickpea Biscuit Dough Cake With Avocado Ganache

Raw Chickpea Cookie Dough Pie With Avocado Ganache

Source: Raw Chickpea Cookie Dough Cake With Avocado Ganache

this decadent Raw Chickpea Biscuit Dough Cake with Avocado Ganache from Margaux Mouton tastes like a dream, but is actually good for you. It starts with a base made of seeds and dates, followed by a flourless “cookie dough” layer made of chickpeas and chocolate chips. But, we’re not done yet. On top of the cookie dough is a chocolate ganache made from avocado, followed by a rich, fudgy buttercream made from sweet mashed potatoes, tahini, and peanut butter. You can also easily spice up this cake with berries of your choice, bananas, coconut, more chocolate… whatever your heart is in!

10. Maca Almond Butter Chickpea Cookie Dough

Maca Almond Butter Chickpea Cookie Dough

Source: Maca Almond Butter Chickpea Cookie Dough

Always wanted to eat cookie dough without the guilt? This one Maca Almond Butter Chickpea Cookie Dough Hallie and Reya Tobias’ recipe combines the creaminess of chickpeas, the rich flavor of almond butter, the sweetness of coconut sugar, and the nutritional boost of maca and flax flour to create a treat that’s not only delicious, but also rich in fiber. and proteins! Best of both worlds!

11. Chickpea cookie dough snacks

Chickpea Cookie Dough Bites

Source: Chickpea Cookie Dough Bites

This one Chickpea Cookie Dough Bites from Kimmy Murphy are so good they will have everyone begging for the recipe. There’s no question that chickpeas may make the best cookie dough you’ll ever taste.

12. Cookie Dough Chocolate Cups

Cookie Dough Chocolate Cups

Source: Cookie Dough Chocolate Cups

If you are a big fan of peanut butter cupsthen you will love this one Cookie Dough Chocolate Cups by Haley Gallerani for taking it to a whole new level. Cookie dough and chocolate? Double yum. Chickpea cookie dough (that doesn’t taste like beans!) sits in a delicious, dark chocolate cup in this perfectly shareable treat.

13. Brownie Pancakes With A Cookie Dough Swirl

Brownie Pancakes With Cookie Dough Swirl

Source: Brownie Pancakes With a Cookie Dough Swirl

Dessert for breakfast? Yes please! These easy Brownie Pancakes With a Cookie Dough Swirl from Taylor Kiser have a rich, chocolatey brownie flavor and a creamy chickpea cookie dough swirl that is deliciously peanut buttery. The outside is a little crispy from baking on the griddle, and the inside has a thick, gooey texture that you will obsess over. Best of all, they’re packed with protein — so, dig in!

14. Red Velvet Beet Brownies with Aquafaba Vanilla Cashew Cream Glaze

Red Velvet Beet Brownies With Aquafaba Vanilla Cashew Cream Frosting

Source: Red Velvet Beet Brownies With Aquafaba Vanilla Cashew Cream Frosting

Beets have many uses, but you may have never thought of putting them in your brownies. Here’s your chance. These Red Velvet Beet Brownies With Aquafaba Vanilla Cashew Cream Frosting from Taryn Fitz-Gerald are decadently healthy treats with both a dense and light texture. Not only are they insanely delicious, but they also have amazing nutritional benefits. They are also free of refined sugars!

15. Almond Butter Blondies

Almond Butter Blondies

Source: Almond Butter Blondies

Since black beans make great brownies, it’s only natural for chickpeas to make great blondies, and especially rich blondies, thanks to the almond butter. Add the optional chocolate or butterscotch chips to these Almond Butter Blondies from Robin Robertson — or not, to your taste.

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