15 delicious brisket recipes from the Jewish Light archives

15 delicious brisket recipes from the Jewish Light archives

For many, brisket is the epitome of “Jewish food.” Last year, the brisket even beat the bagels in our “Jewish Food March Madness” tournament.

Like many popular Jewish foods, brisket has made its way into the kitchen due to its low cost and the fact that it is implicitly kosher because it comes from the front of the animal.

Traditionally, Jewish breasts are simmered in liquids ranging from ketchup to Dr. Pepper to soy sauce. In our house, Leigh Palmer uses French onion soup, and then we leave it overnight. Delicious.

The possibilities of preparing your breast for Rosh Hashanah seem endless. I say this based on the sheer number of breast recipes we have in our archives. So, as a gesture for the new year ahead, here are links to every recipe The St. Louis Jewish Light has published.


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  6. Pomegranate Braised Breast
  7. Grilled beef brisket
  8. Sangria Braised Breast
  9. Darlene Sokol’s Brisket
  10. Arleen Kerman’s chest to die for
  11. Dry rubbing the barbecue brisket
  12. Christmas Breast Recipe
  13. Air Academy Brisket
  14. Brisket In Wine Sauce Recipe
  15. Brisket Stewed In Coffee Ancho Chili Sauce