15 of our favorite cake recipes

15 of our favorite cake recipes

Tarts can come in a sweet or savory form. From Portuguese tarts to French onion tarts, we have one suitable for every occasion.

For a quick tea time treat, our cheat’s jam tarts are ready in just 20 minutes and only require 2 ingredients, pastry and strawberry jam! Our white chocolate tarts are a little more involved but just as delicious. A Kirsch-flavored white chocolate filling (a cherry liqueur) is topped with a fruit of your choice, a delicious dessert option for dinner.

For a savory option, try the camembert and tomato tarts. With just four ingredients and only 20 minutes, these tasty pies are the perfect choice for lunch or quick dinner.

The key to a great pie is the dough, whether it’s phyllo, shortcrust, or puff pastry. Some of these recipes use store-bought pastries for convenience, but if the recipe calls for homemade shortcrust pastry; here are our top tips:

• Do not overwork your dough as it will develop the gluten making it tough. Only simmer your ingredients until just combined and only roll out once

• Always let your cake cool before baking. This helps to relax the gluten, preventing shrinkage in the oven

• It is essential to use cold butter and water (if the recipe calls for water) in your pastries as this ensures crispy pastries

• Always blind bake your dough before pouring in the filling. This allows the dough to cook all the way through, resulting in a crispy bottom