15 salad dressing recipes so you’ll never have mushy veggies again

15 salad dressing recipes so you'll never have mushy veggies again

There may be nothing worse than a bland lunch or dinner salad† At its most basic, it’s just a big bowl of vegetables, and there are so many ways it can go wrong. Wilting or wet lettuce, incongruous fruits and vegetables, too big Croutons fighting with nuts that are too small or beans…with all that to contend with, you might be tempted to give in and just spend the $15 at your local takeout. You can even do everything right (wonderful produce, everything cut perfectly, flavors on point), and still have a salad that is a bit of a shame. One of our best ways to make sure this NEVER happens on our watch is to have an arsenal of homemade salad dressings in our back pocket. Salad dressing has the magical ability to bind a salad together and bring all the ingredients together in harmony. Check out our 15 homemade salad dressings for ideas — we bet you’ll toss the bottle once you see how easy it is to make your own salad.

When it comes to dressing a salad, there are a few things to consider. First off, are you the type of person who really only eats a salad as a vehicle for creamy ones? farm or blue cheese dressing† Or are you more of a fan of classic options like red wine vinaigrette or Italian dressing, basic upgrades to a touch of vinegar and olive to easily grease your greens? Maybe you are the creative type and try new flavors at every opportunity, like in our tzatzikimiso ginger dressingor pickle vinaigrette† Whatever salad lover you are, we’ve got some advice for you. First, when you taste your dressing to see if it has enough salt, pepper, or vinegar in it, don’t just taste it on a spoon. Instead, dip a green salad in the dressing and try it all together. Often dressing will taste over-seasoned on its own, but perfectly seasoned on a bite of lettuce. Second, don’t just pour an entire bottle into your bowl. We usually need a TON less bandage than we expected, so start low and slow. If you don’t eat your salad right away, don’t dress it at all. Instead, bring a separate container of dressing and dress your salad before enjoying it to avoid wilting vegetables. Third, like many things in a kitchen, the right tools can really make or break your success. We love a salad spinner to make sure our greens get clean, a salad chopper to get that someone else-made vibe, and the perfect pliers to mix it all up (check out #35 on our fave kitchen gadgets list). And finally, these recipes don’t have to be just for salad greens. Try them on everything from pasta salads to rice bowls, to marinades for chicken or seafood† After all, you made it – take advantage and pull your dressing over everything!

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