16 easy Easter brunch recipes

16 easy Easter brunch recipes

Brunch and Easter go hand in hand, but it’s still a weekend and no one wants to spend all their free time in the kitchen. Keep it simple with a delicious meal that won’t take up too much of the day. Here are 16 easy Easter brunch recipes that our readers love.

Genevieve Ko saves us all with this clever technique for bacon and eggs. Reader tip: it also works with sliced ​​sausage.

Somewhere between a muffin and a scone, Jerrelle Guy’s licorice biscuits come together in about half an hour. No rolling or cutting required!

Recipe: strawberry cookies

Use challah, brioche, or crustless French or Italian bread for this incredibly simple, highly customizable bread pudding from David Tanis. Experiment with using different meats, such as pancetta or sausage, and vegetables, such as sliced ​​green onions, or steamed or roasted broccoli.

Recipe: Ham and Cheese Brioche Pudding

Yewande Komolafe’s “tomato eggs,” a dish popular in Lagos, Nigeria and across West Africa, is comforting without being heavy. For a vegan version, replace the eggs with tofu.

Allysa Torey’s No-Yeast Cinnamon Rolls come together in a total of 45 minutes. Make them with or without chopped pecans.

Recipe: Easy cinnamon buns without yeast

This sturdy hash from Lidey Heuck welcomes substitutions depending on how much time you have and what you have on hand. Make sure everything is cut into inch cubes so that the vegetables cook evenly and quickly.

Recipe: Asparagus Potato Hash With Goat Cheese And Eggs

Store-bought puff pastry makes these fruity-creamy pastries from Von Diaz deliciously doable. If you can’t find queso fresco and hoja or farmhouse cheese, use cream cheese.

Recipe: Pastelillos de Guayaba (pastries with guava cheese)

This popular Pakistani spicy scrambled egg and potato breakfast recipe from Zainab Shah is easy to make yourself. Play with different herbs and spices and replace the eggs with tofu for a vegan version.

Recipe: Aloo Anday (potatoes and scrambled eggs)

From Ali Slagle comes the best, splatter-proof way to make bacon for a crowd. You can also use baking paper instead of foil.

Recipe: Oven Bacon

Lemony in taste and almost creamy in texture, these tender pancakes from Genevieve Ko get their sweetness from lemon and vanilla-scented sugar. They are dreamy served with blueberry syrup, but equally delicious with traditional maple.

Recipe: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

No hassle with rolling out a crust for this Sarah Copeland quiche. Simply combine eggs, cream, milk and your veggies of choice and pour into a greased baking dish lined with grated cheese.

Marian Burros brought this recipe to The Times in 1985, and it’s still the gold standard for blueberry muffins today. It requires adding half a cup of pureed berries to the batter, which produces a very moist muffin that will keep for a long time. (As if there are any leftovers.)

Recipe: Jordan Marsh’s Blueberry Muffins

If you don’t have that creme fraiche, you can replace these Melissa Clark fried eggs with full-fat Greek yogurt or sour cream. They feel chic, but they are not fussy at all.

Recipe: Fried Eggs With Crème Fraîche and Smoked Salmon

You must love a progressive brunch dish. These overnight French toast from Samantha Seneviratne require a little prep the night before, then just pop this dish in the oven in the morning for about an hour.

Recipe: Overnight French Toast

Recipe: Any Vegetable Pie

Store-bought puff pastry makes this elegant pie from Melissa Clark a cinch. Use the freshest seasonal vegetables you can find, and top with five or six eggs for a more hearty meal.

Light and tender, this citrus cake is typically served at tea time in Morocco. Serve it at brunch with strawberry jam on the side, or as a dessert, slathered with whipped cream and sprinkled with chocolate chips.

Recipe: Meskouta (Moroccan orange cake)