17 quinoa recipes from chewy cookies to salads

17 quinoa recipes from chewy cookies to salads

You might hear “quinoa” and be instantly transported back to around 2009, where there was nowhere to avoid the grain, and you keep hearing the word “superfood.” (For the record, I think all food is great). Those days are over, but we still love quinoa. It is versatile, filling and an excellent cereal to have in your repertoire. From savory quinoa salads and stews to sweet uses (such as quinoa cookies and pies!), we share 17 quinoa recipes that are anything but boring.

Our best quinoa recipes

1. One Pot Cabbage and Quinoa Pilaf

Normally I would walk away from any recipe that calls for both Kale and quinoa, but this one is really delicious (promised). If you’re looking for a way to increase your vegetable and grain intake, it doesn’t get any better than this salad.

2. Quinoa salad with hazelnuts, apple and dried cranberries

Serve this up for your next fall harvest feast (because that’s a thing, right?) and have the leftovers for lunch the next day. Shhh: Don’t tell your guests, but we like it more on day two anyway!

3. Maize, tomato and quinoa pilaf

If this salad doesn’t say summer, then I don’t know what does. It asks for fresh corn kernels and cherry tomatoes, both of which are at their best when the weather is warm.

4. White bean and quinoa burgers with sumac yogurt

Your new favorite veggie burgers!

5. Apple cider chicken with butternut squash and quinoa salad

Have you stocked up on too much apple cider in the orchard? Been there, done that. Luckily, this chicken and quinoa recipe uses a lot of it in both the apple cider glaze and the salad vinaigrette.

6. Ganache pie with dark chocolate and rosemary-quinoa crust

The secret to this extra crunchy crust is uncooked black quinoa, which is blended in a food processor until it breaks down into almost flour (there will still be some crumbs and that’s a good thing).

7. Autumn Chili Bowl with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Quinoa

As soon as I turn the calendar to September, this quinoa bowl is exactly what I’m going to delve into day in and day out.

8. Quinoa Almond Tuiles

Tuile cookies are notoriously difficult to make, so the idea of ​​making them potentially more finicky by changing the recipe and adding quinoa scared me. However, Susan Spungen emphasizes that there is no need to fear: “These lacy biscuits are quite easy and quick to make, despite their impressive appearance.”

9. Quinoa and mango salad with lemon ginger dressing

This beautiful salad is inspired by Trader Joe’s mango black bean salsa. you can make it even more attractive in summerby grilling the onions and mango and adding corn on the cob.

10. Baked Quinoa Pork Meatballs

“Instead of bread-crumbs these meatballs conjure up cooked quinoa.” Did you do a double take because I did? I’m so obsessed with these meatballs as I am with Emma Laperruque’s brilliant recipes.

11. Quinoa porridge with roasted almond and coconut

Change your usual bowl overnight oatsfor this cozy, creamy quinoa sprinkled with slivered almonds and pitted dates.

12. Quinoa Cookies With Coconut And Chocolate Pieces

Our readers don’t just consider this dessert their favorite quinoa cookie, thanks to its chewy texture and earthy taste — it’s their all-time favorite quinoa recipe.

13. Guacamole Quinoa

Bet you never thought that this grain was not only a good source of energy, but also a delicious twist on guacamole† Puree the ingredients of guacamole (avocado, tomatoes, garlic, jalapeño peppers and cilantro) and cooked quinoa for a salad, dip, or both!

14. Paula Shoyer’s Chocolate Quinoa Cake

Flourless chocolate cakes are delicious, but their texture stands on its own. While fudgy and decadent, they don’t exactly produce a traditional slice of chocolate cake. † † at least until now. When it’s run through a food processor, cooked quinoa turns into a superfine crumb that gives this gluten-free beauty the body we’ve been looking for.

15. Quinoa-Risotto of red lentils with asparagus and peas

Don’t tell your Italian grandma, but you can make really delicious risotto with a combination of red lentils and quinoa.

16. Strawberry quinoa salad with tarragon, soft goat cheese and poached egg

Jammy soft-boiled egg, tangy goat cheese, tangy orange, and juice oranges come together for summer’s quinoa salad.

17. One Pot Red Curry Quinoa With Coconut And Greens

For years I gave quinoa an unfair slap because it was bland and uninspired. Recipes like this, with a fragrant mix of red curry paste and coconut water, make it that much more interesting. “The quinoa will be infused with a strong, bright flavor and will get a nice red color from the curry paste, and using coconut water instead of coconut milk will make it light and fluffy,” explains recipe developer EmilyC.