18 Easy Korean-Inspired Recipes You’ll Make Again and Again

18 Easy Korean-Inspired Recipes You'll Make Again and Again

I don’t know about you, but when I get to make the dinner plans, I always aim for one of my favorite cuisines, Korean BBQ. Of course, cooking chestkorean short ribsand shrimp myself on a griddle at my own table is pretty cool, but I also can never get enough of all the banchan, or side dishes, served over bowls of fluffy riceKimchi, and sweet-spicy marinated grilled meats.

Some of our favorite banchan are, of course, kimchi, cheesy corn, eggs marinated in soy, and garlic-sesame sauteed spinach (fried sigeumchi namul)and pickled daikon radish† It won’t be easy to whip up a lot of delicious banchan sheet pan bibimbapallowing all components to cook together in one pan.

When we talk about favorite Korean dishes, we could write volumes about delicious, spicy, pungent Kimchi† It’s insanely delicious on its own, served next to your BBQ, used in kimchi fried rice or kimchi shellsand my favorite too: kimchi Windows† Have you mastered your signature kimchi recipe yet? It’s time to master our next favorite Korean recipe: sticky-sweet-spicy korean fried chicken

Whatever meals you choose to cook, make sure you have enough gochujang, a fermented Korean chili paste reminiscent of a funkier sriracha. It’s the key to the sauce that envelops korean fried chickentteokbokki style gnocchibulgogi, and japchae, so look it up in your supermarket. You’ll find yourself adding spicy gochujang to everything: Eggsmeatloafstir-friesfried chicken tempura vegetablesthe list goes on and on.