21 best couscous recipes – what to cook with couscous

21 best couscous recipes - what to cook with couscous

Oh, couscous. It’s time to put the spotlight on this adorable pantry that’s so often overlooked! You may have seen it on the menu in a Moroccan, Israeli, or Mediterranean restaurant and wondered, “What? is the? Is it like farro? Is it like quinoa?” In fact, it’s neither. While couscous may look like a grain, those little golden pearls are technically a form of itty-bitty pasta. In addition to orzo recipes, couscous is one of the smallest pasta shapes and makes for some delicious dishes. It’s incredibly versatile and can be prepared in no time, which is why we’ve rounded up some of the best couscous recipes to add to your meal planning!

Walking through the Grocery Islands, you’ll likely see three types of couscous on the shelves: Moroccan, mother-of-pearl, and Israeli. Anything labeled “couscous” or “Moroccan couscous” is the classic, North African type, which is the smallest size. Pearl couscous is the largest and, as the name implies, pearl-shaped. Israeli couscous falls in the middle. The grainy paste can be used in place of your favorite grains, from lunch bowls to vegetable side dishes to large family meals. It makes a fluffy bed for vegetables, fish and meat, and is perfect for hearty Moroccan chicken or lamb stews. You can even chill your couscous and toss it into a tasty Mediterranean salad! It’s true what they say about it – it’s the pasta that is so delicious, they mentioned it twice!