25 Best Noodle Bowl Recipes You’ll Ever Try

25 Best Noodle Bowl Recipes You'll Ever Try
Noodle Bowl RecipesNoodle Bowl Recipes
Noodle Bowl RecipesNoodle Bowl Recipes

Chewy, bright and oh so fresh, this Asian-inspired noodle recipes are the ultimate weeknight party.

From udon and rice noodles to Ramen packets, there is no limit to how versatile and tasty these noodle bowls are.

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Teriyaki Chicken Noodle Bowl with Soy SauceTeriyaki Chicken Noodle Bowl with Soy Sauce

Once you’ve got the noodles ready, it’s just a matter of finding the right vegetables, proteins, and stocks to go with it.

And whether you like chicken, beef, or tofu, there’s a dinner here for you.

So get that pot of water to a boil because it’s time to check out some amazing noodle bowl recipes.

Seriously, each one is better than the last!

25 Easy Noodle Bowls to Slurp Tonight

Think of this Vietnamese style noodle bowl like pho without broth.

It uses the same delicate rice noodles, chicken, and tons of flavorful add-ons. I’m talking peanuts, chicken, lime, carrots and jalapeños!

The best part about these tasty and filling bowls is the sweet and slightly vinegary dressing that brings all the bright flavors together. yum!

There’s nothing like a steaming bowl of homemade ramen.

And while the ingredients on this list may require a trip to the Asian market, trust me, it’s worth it!

Plus, unlike other noodle bowls, this recipe calls for inexpensive, readily available ramen packs, making your life a little easier.

When the stock comes together, get inventive with toppings.

My all-time favorite ramen topping is a soft-boiled egg because it imparts creamy umami flavors with little effort.

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These miso salmon soba noodle bowls look like something from a fancy restaurant, but they’re more than easy to recreate!

The miso salmon glaze imparts slightly sweet and umami flavors to the tender salmon fillet. It’s perfect for the chewy soba noodles.

Add some bright and creamy avocado and pickled radish and you have a beautiful dish ready in just 30 minutes!

Noodle bowls are often full of meat and vegetables with an intensely flavorful broth. But this coconut curry noodle bowl is light, refreshing and deliciously creamy!

With ramen noodles with chicken, shrimp and fresh herbs in a light coconut curry sauce, it’s to die for.

This recipe is an excellent option for the summer. But it’s also filling enough for the winter.

Ditch that bottle of store-bought teriyaki and make this homemade sauce instead.

It’s super easy and perfect for anyone with allergies or intolerances.

Toss the chicken in the teriyaki sauce, combine with noodles and serve!

Vegetarian sesame soba noodles are bright, light and don’t shy away from bold flavors.

In addition to the noodles, use edamame (for protein), radish, lemon, snow peas, avocado, and fresh mint.

With a simple homemade sesame dressing, all these fresh flavors bind together in a delicious noodle bowl that is quite addictive.

Forget that boring old stew and try these meaty curry udon bowls. They’re hearty, leg-warming, and fully loaded with goodness.

The udon base uses dashi and saki for rich, Japanese-inspired flavors. They bring so much to the onion, tender pork loin and udon noodles.

Not in the mood for hot soup? You can also serve this dish cold! Just replace the cooked vegetables with raw vegetables.

japchae is Korea’s take on a Japanese stir-fry dish. However, this recipe is slightly different because it uses Korean glass noodles (also known as japchae).

Made with potato starch, they are slightly sweeter than your average noodles.

That said, they are just as chewy and absorbing sauces as a dream!

Path See Ew is a Thai stir-fry that really celebrates noodles. While it’s packed with yummy extras, all the other ingredients take a back seat.

You want wide rice noodles to pick up the rich flavors in this dish.

Give your local Chinese takeaway a break and make this delicious beef lo mein at home!

Beef lo mein is lightning fast and also reasonably budget-friendly. Better yet, if you make it yourself, you can tinker with ingredients.

So feel free to add some extra veggies!

If you love garlic as much as I do, you’ll want to give these garlic beef noodle bowls a try.

Infused with four cloves of garlic (although, let’s face it, I use at least six!), that intense flavor covers every inch of the chewy udon noodles.

Meanwhile, the beef is luxuriously tender and rich.

These Asian noodle bowls pack a boatload of ingredients, but I bet you’ll find most of them in your pantry right now.

It calls for bright Asian seasonings such as chili garlic, soy sauce, ginger, garlic and sesame.

Mix all that with fresh herbs, tender shrimp and rice noodles and dinner is ready!

If you’re short on time, these quick and easy shrimp teriyaki bowls are the ultimate last-minute dinner.

With prepackaged ramen noodles with store-bought teriyaki sauce, fresh vegetables, and shrimp, this bowl is ready in just 30 minutes.

I go to my local Vietnamese restaurant at least once a week for a bowl of pho. And I always order their spring rolls.

But I didn’t know you could make a whole meal out of it!

Thanks to this recipe, you’ll have all the crisp, crunchy goodness of traditional spring rolls without all those annoying rolls.

With tender pieces of shrimp, fresh herbs and cold rice noodles, it is a light and colorful summer dish that can be put together in no time.

pumpkin squash May Fun is a fun dish that has it all. I’m talking umami flavors, a tasty sauce, and just the right amount of pumpkin sweetness.

It’s a great pescatarian noodle bowl that is incredibly filling. In fact, you can customize it to your liking.

Add broccoli, spinach or carrots if you want more vegetables. Or, if you need more protein, throw in some scrambled eggs and tofu.

There are no wrong answers!

It doesn’t get much faster than these 15 minute sesame noodle bowls.

While they make a great dinner, they are my go-to for easy meal prep! That way I can enjoy it for lunch all week.

Perfectly seasoned chicken and noodles with fresh crunchy vegetables that come together in no time? What are you waiting for?

Chances are you have a block of ramen noodles somewhere in your pantry. If you do, you’ll be halfway through a delicious dinner!

Baked with tons of fresh vegetables in a delicious homemade stir-fry sauce, this one is completely vegetarian.

Of course you can always add some steak or chicken if you want.

I love anything with kimchi in the mix!

And while it’s typically the backing singer of the main act, it’s the centerpiece of this mind-blowing kimchi noodle soup.

The broth is out of this world giving lots of well fermented spicy goodness, honey and sesame oil.

It is the perfect base for fresh toppings. Go for spring onions, mushrooms, eggs, mung beans and of course more kimchi.

Note: this recipe is quite spicy!

Niku udon is similar to ramen, but it’s so much easier to make at home!

It combines tender cuts of beef in a rich udon broth that comes together in a flash.

Top it off with simple additions like spring onions, narutomakior Japanese parsley, and you’re good to go.

If you’re having trouble finding vegan wontons, why not make them at home using plant-based “meat” and tofu?

Along with a rich broth and hearty veggies, those wontons are drool-worthy.

One bowl fills you up!

How sensational do those thick and chewy udon noodles look? They are so delicious with all that sauce covering them.

Ready in just 15 minutes, this is the kind of dish I make when I’m tired (or feeling lazy!).

Instead of ground meat, I prefer to add leftover chicken or tofu. But it’s up to you which protein you go for.

I know these look busy, but there’s less going on here than you think.

The broth only requires five ingredients and the main course is a quick mix of noodles, mushrooms, peas, carrots and peppers.

As for the toppings, I highly recommend following the recipe. They add spice, crunch and a touch of freshness that you will love.

This recipe has a lot of heat from the chili crisp oil and kimchi sauce. But it walks a fine line between snappy and blowing your head off.

The blend of peanut butter, soy sauce and garlic helps to muffle overpowering spicy notes, making it a delicious balance of sweet and heat.

Combine it with fresh vegetables and you have the ultimate vegetarian dinner.

If this teriyaki beef and broccoli noodle bowl doesn’t make your mouth water, nothing will!

Each bite perfectly balances beef, noodles, and broccoli. And it’s all simmering in a rich teriyaki sauce with just a hint of heat from red chile flakes.

Seriously, you’ll never look at Chinese takeaway the same way again.

Think of these easy chicken miso ramen as the Japanese version of chicken noodle soup.

Miso contains gut-friendly probiotics, which stimulate digestion and promote heart health. This dish is therefore not only tasty, it is also surprisingly healthy.

Baked chicken with a rich miso broth and crispy toppings is the perfect ramen dish for a cold day. Enjoying!

Noodle Bowl RecipesNoodle Bowl Recipes

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