28 Best Mocktail Recipes – Easy Non Alcoholic Drink Ideas

28 Best Mocktail Recipes - Easy Non Alcoholic Drink Ideas

Delicious as one strong cocktail perhaps there are plenty of occasions that call for a booze-free alternative. That’s true these best mocktails come on in. Whether you are looking for non-alcoholic cocktails ideas to start stocking up Dry Januaryhave pregnant or nursing loved ones at your holiday gathering, or are looking to a festive treat the whole family can enjoy Christmas together, there are many creative, tasty and easy to make mocktail recipes that are worth whipping up.

Fancy a mug of something warm to keep you warm when it snows? Consider a spiced cider or decadent hot chocolate. Or opt for a non-alcoholic slushie, creamy horchata or a fruity take on iced tea if you have warm weather all year round – or just love a chilled, refreshing thirst quencher whatever the weather forecast.

Unique mocktail recipes are perfect additions to holiday menus and gatherings of all kinds, such as shades of pink Valentine’s Day ideas, slushies and spritzers for that Cooking on the 4th of Julyor delightful and terrifying Halloween punch recipes. But you certainly don’t have to tailor your mocktail to the occasion – these memorable thirst quenchers can be enjoyed all year round.

Here are great mocktail recipes that you will definitely want to gift at your next gathering, casual backyard BBQ, kid’s birthday party, Easter brunchor something in between.