30 Best Egg Noodle Recipes

30 Best Egg Noodle Recipes

We know that egg noodles reign supreme when it comes to chicken noodle soup, but don’t let that be the extent of what you do with the cheap and quick-cooking pasta. Check out our list of 30 egg noodle recipes for ideas — we bet you’ll be swapping a bag for your favorite Italian pasta in no time.

Let’s start with the egg noodles themselves. For most of these recipes, we’re talking about the “(extra) wide,” “wide,” or “dumpling” egg noodles that resemble fusilli pasta, but every now and then you’ll want to reach for the “chinese egg noodles” that resemble lo- mein and can be found fresh or dried. You can even make your own egg noodles, like in our egg noodle soup or cacio e pepe egg noodle recipes.

While there are a ton of recipes you can make with egg noodles that don’t revolve around soup, we’d be remiss not to highlight those that do. We’ve got 8 variations of chicken noodle soup for you, ranging from the classic you already know and love to versions you might not be familiar with. You can make chicken noodles in your slow cooker or your instant pot, or swap turkey for chicken (GREAT for holiday turkey leftovers). Want even more flavour? Try the Thai version of chicken and noodles, khao soi coconut milk, fish sauce and lemongrass come together to take basic comfort soup to the next level.

What else can you do with egg noodles? Stroganoffs are another popular option for using egg noodles, so we’ve added a chicken and beef version, as well as some play on the flavors, like our stroganoff burgers (yep, noodles as buns) and our chili braised beef with noodles (think spicy stroganoff). Sweet noodle kugel is another classic, although you may not have come across it if you’re not Jewish – it’s a staple of Shabbat dinner in many homes. Egg noodles are also popular in Eastern Europe, so we’ve included a few recipes inspired by that region, such as beef and chicken paprika (a bell pepper-based dish similar to goulash) and haluski cabbage and noodles. As you can tell from their cultural popularity, egg noodles are truly versatile. Check out our favorite weeknight pasta dinners and try swapping them out for your favorite noodles.