30 Best Healthy Breakfasts For Kids

30 Best Healthy Breakfasts For Kids


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day – if you have kids to eat it can be the… most frustrating. You want to give them good fuel for the day, while also getting them dressed in time and heading out the door for whatever life throws at them. Fear not, we’ve got a ton of recipes for you, whether you’re looking for a family brunch or takeout options for everyone from little kids to near-adults. Check out our list of 30 healthy breakfasts for kids for ideas the whole family will love.

Let’s talk about That Mornings: You know them, where everyone overslept, your house is a mess and breakfast too often turns into handfuls of cereal, dry toast, and frozen waffles. While we can’t help you figure out those alarms, we can introduce you to some incredible meal prep recipes that will save the day when you hit snooze too many times. Make a batch of our egg muffins, our onigiri, our strawberry and cream granola bars, or our weekend breakfast pops, and let your kids grab them and go all week.

We hope not each the morning at your place is so chaotic, and that some days you can sit at the table and enjoy good old-fashioned family time over breakfast. Just because you have more time doesn’t mean you have to spend everything in the kitchen cooking. We’ve got some recipes here that feel extra special, but won’t take forever to make. Check out our breakfast strata, our tofu scramble, our fried eggs & zoodles bundles, and our apple pancake dippers. They are sure to please everyone in your household.

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