4 delicious dips you’ll love

4 delicious dips you'll love
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We could go on and on about why we love what we call “cake stand dips.” They invite your guests to enjoy snacks in a fresh new way and they are just so beautiful to display in front of your guests!

Most of these dips are ready to go in about 10-12 minutes. Seriously. These are EASY. But they also pack a big punch in terms of flavor, and they’re much more visually appealing than a dip in a bowl of chips sprinkled down the side. We are not talking about a small more attractive; we talk A LOT more. I have many reasons why I’m a big fan of serving these types of dips on pie platters, and I’ll go into more detail about them later in this article. Check out the “6 Cake Stands We Love” section.

4 Delicious Cake Stand Dips

You may want to skip straight to the four dips we featured today! If so, then those are:

  • 7-Layer Mexican Dip
  • Greek Hummus Low Dip
  • Dill Pickle With Bacon Dip
  • Apple Cinnamon Honey Butter with Granola (served with warm cookies!)
Mexican 7-layer cake pan dip

See how beautiful these layered dips are when presented this way? The ever-eaten, but rather tired Mexican 7-layer dip is suddenly modern and beautiful on a pie plate. Cake stand dips for the win! See this recipe here.

Mexican 7-layer dip cake stand dipMexican 7-layer dip cake stand dip

The topping ratio increases dramatically when you present your layered dip on a pie platter. Because it is raised, it creates a visually appealing presentation. See this recipe here.

Greek hummus pie dipGreek hummus pie dip

Hummus is always better with a few toppings, from pine nuts to harissa oil to red pepper flakes. This layered cake stand dip takes it to the next level with olives, feta cheese, tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, and green onions. View the full recipe here.

Greek hummus pie dip Greek hummus pie dip

Here’s that Greek hummus cake stand dip up close. Yum! See the recipe here.

dill pickle with bacon cake stand dipdill pickle with bacon cake stand dip

My absolute favorite is super easy, and it’s this dill pickle with bacon cake stand dip. You must try it and let me know if you like it as much as I do! View the full recipe here.

dill pickle dip with bacondill pickle dip with bacon

Always serve this dill pickle dip with chips. The ones with ribbing are the best!

Butter platter: served as a cake dipButter platter: served as a cake dip

This makes for an easy and quick breakfast. It is a ready-to-use Private Edition Honey & Cinnamon Butter. Just spread it out, add our suggested toppings and serve it with warm cookies. View the full recipe here.

Honey & Cinnamon Butter board on a cake plateHoney & Cinnamon Butter board on a cake plate

Use a butter spreader for this. Serving it on a pie plate allows the warm cookies to settle just below, as seen here wrapped in a cloth napkin. View the full recipe here.

6 cake stands we love

All of these pie crusts were made on large or medium pie platters. I have several sizes and feel each is needed. I suggest having one that is about 12 inches wide and another that is about 9 inches wide. Use the larger size if you have more than six people. Use the smaller size for six or fewer people. Scale your ingredients to the size of your pie plate. You may want several in different heights and widths as they are more practical than you might think!

That said, pie stands add so much visual interest to your serving area. You can use them to elevate a bowl of chips or even a salad bowl. Use them to boost those vases of flowers that might be hard to find among your food options, and definitely use them for your pie crust dip. Oh! And of course use them for cakes.

Here are a few cake stands to consider if you don’t have one around the house:

white cake stand from Pottery Barnwhite cake stand from Pottery Barn

This is a classic cake stand, 5 inches high and 13 inches wide. From Pottery Barn for $69.

jade cake standjade cake stand

I absolutely love my Mosser Glass jade cake stand. They come in four sizes, each with different widths and heights, making them visually BEAUTIFUL – especially if you have multiple sizes when setting up your buffet of food for a gathering or party. Find these here ranging from $54 to $130.

simon Pearce cake stand glasssimon Pearce cake stand glass

This is a substantial glass cake stand from Simon Pearce. It’s heavy, classic and beautiful. At 4.25 inches high and 12.25 inches wide, this will have many uses, including as a base for tasty dips on the pie crust! Find it here for $265.

Vietri Christmas Cake StandVietri Christmas Cake Stand

This is my next purchase as this is the same Vietri pattern as my Christmas plates. This cake stand is 5.25 inches high and 11.25 inches wide. Find it at Waiting on Martha Home for $154 (and free shipping!).

cabbage leaf cake standcabbage leaf cake stand

As you fall more in love with cake stands, consider adding this cabbage stand to your collection. Imagine all the pie crusts you could put on it! Also available at Waiting for Martha Homethis one is five inches long and 12 inches wide and is $95.

amazon cake platesamazon cake plates

While I think the quality of the others listed here is superior in every way, I believe if you want to try this one without spending a lot of money, this option from Amazon is amazing. It comes with three cake stands in different sizes AND has nine color options, including pink, blue, green, gold, black, white, orange, purple and yellow, for just $39.99, is worth a wink.


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