4 Easy Diabetic Breakfast Ideas From a Registered Dietitian

4 Easy Diabetic Breakfast Ideas From a Registered Dietitian

One of the biggest misconceptions when you have diabetes is that your meals can’t be tasty and easy to make. In addition, some people believe that breakfast contains so many carbohydrate-based foods that a person with diabetes simply cannot enjoy those dishes. I’ve written several cookbooks using the Diabetes Plate method developed by the American Diabetes Association, dispelling both of these myths. My latest cookbook released in April 2022 titled Diabetes Make Our Meal Preparation Cookbook: 100 Delicious Plate Method Recipes.

When making breakfast ideas for diabetics, it can be challenging to find a suitable recipe. Once you’ve found that recipe, you’ll want to make sure it’s well-balanced. These breakfast products can help you with that:

  • To elect carbohydrate-rich foods that contain a lot of fiber such as oatmeal, whole-wheat bread, or fruit.
  • To elect lean protein such as eggs, turkey bacon, Greek yogurt, or cottage cheese.
  • Add vegetables whenever you can. For example, add chopped vegetables to scrambled eggs and fresh vegetables to a breakfast sandwich, or add spinach or kale to a smoothie.
  • To add healthy fats having breakfast can help you feel more full as fats at breakfast can help you feel more full as fat takes longer to digest. For a healthy fat boost, add avocado slices to the side of scrambled eggs or a tablespoon of peanut butter to your smoothie, or sprinkle your oatmeal or Greek yogurt with chopped almonds.

Below are four recipes suitable for someone with diabetes to help them control their blood sugar levels.

crispy peach parfaits
Alison Lima / Diabetes Make Your Own Meal Cookbook

Parfaits are layers of yogurt, fruit, and granola or nuts, giving you a variety of textures and flavors with every bite. Canned peaches with or without added sugars work beautifully in this recipe. To round out the meal, add a cup of chopped low-carb vegetables, such as carrots, cucumbers or peppers.

Get the recipe for Crunchy Peach Parfaits.

pecan pie muffinspecan pie muffins
Alison Lima / Diabetes Make Your Own Meal Cookbook

The cinnamon and nutmeg in these muffins will make your whole house smell incredible. The entire batch is made with just two tablespoons of butter and supplemented with healthy fat, canola oil. To round out this recipe into a meal, combine it with a large hard-boiled egg and two sliced ​​carrots.

Get the recipe for Pecan Pie Muffins.

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almond cherry smoothiealmond cherry smoothie
Alison Lima / Diabetes Make Your Own Meal Cookbook

To prepare meal prep smoothies, pack them in frozen containers. When you’re ready to drink, transfer the contents of one pack from the freezer directly into your blender, add a little liquid and puree. To complete this meal, combine with a large hard-boiled egg and a cup of chopped low-carb vegetables such as sliced ​​cucumbers and tomato.

Get the recipe for Almond Cherry Smoothie Packs.

egg muffins with spinach and fetaegg muffins with spinach and feta
Alison Lima / Diabetes Make Your Own Meal Cookbook

Get the recipe for egg muffins with spinach and feta.

Eggs are a perfect protein, but many people forget to eat the yolk that provides many of the nutrients. Plus, the yolk provides nearly half of your egg’s protein. In this recipe, each serving of two egg muffins contains one whole egg, meaning you’ll reap all the egg cell benefits. To complete this meal, pair it with a whole wheat English muffin topped with a tablespoon of peanut butter.

Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN

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