43 Best Sunday Dinner Ideas

43 Best Sunday Dinner Ideas

When it comes to everyday weeknight dinners, it’s all about simplicity and convenience. We love all our kitchen gadgets (airfryers! instant pots! slow cookers!) that bring meals together quickly so we can get dinner on the table quickly. But on the weekends, when we have more time, we like to make more elaborate meals to share with our families and loved ones. Take inspiration from our list of 43 Sunday dinner ideas that are sure to impress.

When we think of an impressive main course, the first thing that comes to mind is roast meat. We’ve got plenty of options for you here, including a whole roast chicken, beef brisket, rack of lamb, roast beef, glazed spiral ham, and roast pork loin. Don’t be intimidated, we’ve laid out all the tips and tricks you need to succeed. Trust us, once you try one of these recipes, you’ll want to make them every week! Not serving a crowd? Try one of our delicious meat dishes that are more suitable for a smaller meal, such as our coq au vin or beef bourguignon. They’re famous recipes for a reason (and super romantic, if that’s your thing).

As we prepare for the week ahead, we really crave pasta (like loading up on carbs for the workweek rat race maybe?). We’ve included some of our favorite protein-filled pasta dishes here, such as beef stroganoff, lemon chicken asparagus pasta, and miso bolognese. If you’ve never tried anything like chicken pie or beef wellington because it seemed too complicated, no time like this weekend!

Speaking of time, we know it’s MUCH easier to change your diet when you have control over what goes into your food. If weekdays are meat-heavy takeaway lunches and delivery dinners, try a vegetarian or vegan dish on the weekends, like our vegetarian moussaka or vegan meatloaf. You might even find a new favorite among these recipes.

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