5 Delicious Payasam Recipes For Mid-Week Indulgence

5 Delicious Payasam Recipes For Mid-Week Indulgence

Here we can all agree – no festival or special occasion can be complete without Indian desserts. Every region in India has something unique and tasteful to offer. While there are plenty of desserts to choose from, an all-time favorite is the classic rice pudding cooked in milk with the addition of dry fruit. Payasam, also known as kheer, is a South Indian delicacy made on special occasions. Kheer and payasam have many similarities due to which they are often considered the same. However, payasam is usually made with jaggery and the consistency is a lot thinner than kheer. Best of all, you can experiment with this delicious dessert in countless ways. Today we bring you a list of interesting payasam recipes that you can easily make at home to satisfy that week’s sweet craving. Let’s see.

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5 Payasam Recipes You Can Make At Home:

1.Moong Dal Payasam (our recommendation)

We all love moong dal halwa but have you ever heard of moong dal payasam? This recipe uses soaked moong dal instead of rice and a combination of coconut milk and regular milk. Ghee, cardamom and cinnamon add the right amount of richness to this dessert. Find the recipe here.

2.Paal Payasam

Paal payasam is a traditional South Indian dessert that is made in various festivals such as Onam. While there are plenty of payasam recipes to choose from, paal payasam is the simplest of them all. All you need is milk and a handful of nuts to make this delicious treat. Find the recipe here.


3.Arisi Tengaay Payasam

Another payasam recipe that you must try is Arisi Tengaay Payasam. In this recipe, rice is cooked in the flavors coconut, cane sugar and cardamom. Garnish it with some raisins to enjoy the flavor. It will definitely make you drool! Find the recipe here.


4.Semiya Payasam

If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to your sweet tooth, this recipe is for you. Vermicelli is simmered with milk and fried in ghee with raisins and cashews until golden brown. The best thing about this recipe is that it is ready in just under 20 minutes. Find the recipe here.

5. Carrot Payasam

As the name suggests, this version of payasam is packed with the goodness of carrots. Carrot payasam is a popular delicacy in Kerala and tastes absolutely delicious. It offers an interesting twist on the classic payasam recipe and is worth a try. Find the recipe here.

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Try these delicious payasam recipes and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section below.