5 fun Ragi recipes to enjoy a high-fiber and high-protein lunch

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If you are someone who has been on a health kick lately, then ragi is a grain that you should definitely add to your diet! This whole grain, also called finger millet, is high in fiber and filled with protein. Even experts agree that this grain is very good for the body and has multiple health benefits. dr. Ritika Samaddar, dietitian at Max Hospital in New Delhi, says: “Due to its high nutritional value, Ragi can be placed at the pinnacle of food grains. The grain is gluten-free and great for those with gluten or lactose intolerance.” But how can we cooking with ragi? What recipes should we follow to add ragi to our daily lunch? Do not worry; we are behind you! We have found fun and delicious ways to eat ragi for lunch and even dinner.

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5 Ways To Add Ragi To Your Daily Lunch Menu:

1. Ragi Dosa

Just because a dish is healthy doesn’t mean it can’t be healthier! That’s exactly what happens in ragi dosa. The batter of the dosa is made with ragi, rice flour and curd, and the texture of the dosa is just as crispy as normal dosa!

Click here for the full recipe for Ragi Dosa.

2. Ragi Khichdi

Giving a twist to traditional khichdi and making it more nutritious, here is a recipe for ragi khichdi that includes several other nutritious ingredients like moong dal, rice and some seasonings like cumin seeds, garam masala and more.

Click here for the full Ragi Khichdi recipe.

3. Ragi Rotic

Instead of making rotis with atta or maida, why not make it with ragi? Making ragi rotis is very similar to making the normal roti we eat every day. These rotis have an extra touch of spice with curry leaves, red chili powder, and more spices.

Click here for the full recipe of Ragi Roti.


4. Ragi pizza

Who doesn’t like pizza? It’s the go-to fast food for people of all ages! While pizza is known for being unhealthy, we Indians have found a way to make it healthier by adding ragi to the mix! The dough is made with boiled sweet potatoes and ragi flour.

Click here for the full recipe for Ragi Pizza.

5. Ragi Mudde

This South Indian delicacy is a staple of Karnataka and is known for being nutritious and high in protein! The muddes are enjoyed by dipping the ragi balls in rasam or sambhar. The best thing about this recipe is that it’s steamed, not fried!

Click here for the full recipe of Ragi Mudde.

Try out these delicious ragi recipes and let us know what you think in the comments!