5 iced coffee recipes to cheer you up on a Monday morning

5 iced coffee recipes to cheer you up on a Monday morning

To beat the Monday blues and an unforgiving summer, nothing beats a refreshing glass of iced coffee. It’s a way to pause and regain some strength to meet deadlines. Here’s a list of recipes that start with a straightforward iced coffee and progress into different styles, including the popular Vietnamese version, a fun Korean drink, and the meditative Japanese style.

A simple iced coffee
With just three ingredients and less than five minutes, you get a drink full of spice and power. Try this recipe if you’re short on time and need a dose of energy to plow through the day.

Vietnamese iced coffee
Milkmaid is a delicious ingredient. If you are not on a low-sugar diet, this is the drink for you. It tastes of travel, youth and provides much needed rest on a hot summer day. If you’re not working from a cafe, this is the drink for you.

korean iced coffee
Maangchi is one of the best known channels on YouTube for Korean food. It is run by Emily Kim popular as Maangchi who engages the public with her joie de vivre† She shares the Korean iced coffee recipe with exuberance and a delightful story. In this recipe, she uses a mixer that is typical of Korean cuisine. Replace it with a jam jar, covered with a lid, and enjoy a delicious drink.

lemonade iced coffee
This is a recipe that brings together two of the most popular ingredients: lemon juice and coffee. It is sweetened with honey and is perfect for those on a sugar-free diet. Make sure to serve it in a tall glass to maximize its aesthetic appeal.

Japanese style iced coffee
The most technically advanced recipe is reserved for the latter. It adopts the pourover brewing method and describes the measures for the coffee grind, water and ice to obtain a perfect cuppa. The recipe is from James Hoffman, a barista and authority on coffee on YouTube. To serve the coffee, you need large ice cubes that control the dilution and allow you to enjoy the complex flavors for longer.

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