5 Indo-Chinese mushroom recipes for a midweek indulgence

5 Indo-Chinese mushroom recipes for a midweek indulgence

The Chinese food we know and love is only available in India, isn’t that surprising?! Indians have incorporated authentic Chinese flavors with desi spices, creating a new and unique cuisine that is local to our country. Known as Indo-Chinese, this specialty cuisine is home to some of our favorite dishes such as chili paneer, momos, and spring rolls. This tantalizing cuisine is so loved by foodies that it is now easily available in every restaurant. Our love for this cuisine has resulted in us finding some new, exciting recipes that will become your go-to. For mushroom lovers, here are five delicious Indo-Chinese recipes you must try!

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5 Indo-Chinese Mushroom Recipes You Must Try:

1. Mushroom noodles

If you are a fan of Hakka noodles and chow mein then you should definitely try mushroom noodles. With mushrooms, scallions, soy sauce, herbs and noodles, you get a delicious Indo-Chinese noodle recipe that will not only impress your family, but will have them fighting for a third serving!

Click here for the full mushroom noodle recipe.

2. Mushroom Manchurian

This dish is exactly what it sounds like. Manchuria made from mushrooms is bathed in the classic hot and spicy Indo-Chinese flavors. So if you are a mushroom lover, this should certainly not be missing in your recipe book. Spend the weekend eating Manchurian mushrooms and fried rice that will satisfy your Chinese cravings.

Click here for the full Mushroom Manchurian recipe.

3. Mushroom Fried Rice

A wonderful take on vegetarian fried rice, you can also prepare the delicious fried rice with mushrooms and garlic for a lazy meal. You can use leftover rice to make this delicious dish. Chunky chunks of mushrooms cooked with rice, vinegar, soy sauce and chili sauce, this eclectic recipe is a show-stealer in any spread.

Click here for the full recipe for Mushroom Fried Rice.


4. Chili mushroom

Mushrooms get a tangy and crunchy makeover with this classic Indo-Chinese recipe. The mushrooms are covered in batter and fried until crisp, then bathed in a tempting gravy topped with green chillies.

Click here for the full recipe for Chilli Mushroom.

5. Mushroom in hot garlic sauce

Another hot and spicy Indo-Chinese curry, the mushrooms are mixed with onions and red peppers and cooked in an aromatic garlic gravy. This recipe is super easy to make and doesn’t need to be deep fried, just stir-fry all the ingredients together.

Click here for the full recipe of Mushroom in Hot Garlic Sauce.

Try out these recipes and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments!