5 Non-Veg Pulao Recipes to Put Together a Delicious Dinner

5 Non-Veg Pulao Recipes to Put Together a Delicious Dinner

It’s a weekday, you come home quite late after a hectic day at work, but your stomach is rumbling with hunger. All you need at that point is something filling, easy to make and (obviously) tasty. Let’s face it, weekdays are just like that, where you’re too lazy to cook a sumptuous dinner and still want something tasty. These are also the days when you do not want to order dishes online. Well, if all of these situations apply to you, then we’ve got a surprise for you and we’re sure you’ll love it. Here we bring you a list of 5 non-veg pulao recipes that can be perfect for organizing a sumptuous meal in one pot without investing a lot of time and effort. Now all of you must be wondering how non-veg pulao can be done in minutes, right? Unlike biryani recipes, these pulao recipes do not require a long marinating time. So let’s start with the recipes.

Here is a list of 5 Non-Veg Pulao Recipes You Must Try

Our recommendations:

1. Malai Tikka Pulao

Tikka is one of those universal recipes that lends itself to several wonderful variations. Here we bring you such a variation. In this recipe, pulao is made with the addition of creamy and velvety pieces of chicken malai tikka. Wondering how to make this fusion recipe at home? Click here.

2. Jungli Pulao

Then we bring you a very soothing combination of rice, chicken, a range of seasonal vegetables and some easy-peasy delicious homemade masalas. To prepare this recipe, all you need to do is put all the ingredients in a pot and your delicious Jungli Pulao is ready to enjoy. Find the recipe here.

3. Chicken Seekh Kebab Pulao

Here we bring you another super delicious and easy pulao recipe. As the name suggests, this pulao is a unique combination of chicken seekh kebabs and chicken pulao. You can also use leftover chicken seekh kebab in the preparation of this pulao recipe. Click here.

Other recipes you must try

4. Kabuli Mutton Pulao

Kabuli Mutton pulao, from Kabul in Afghanistan. It uses juicy chunks of mutton, carrots and raisins for an underlying sweet flavor, complemented by the strong aromas of whole spices and heaps of ghee to bind the dish together. Find the recipe here.

5. Egg Keema Pulao

The last and certainly the easiest. This egg keema pulao recipe is filled with the goodness of aromatic herbs, vegetables, and of course, a keema-style egg that makes it delicious to have. Click here for the recipe.

Now you know what to do, try it at home and let us know your favorite in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more recipes!