5 Unique Bhel Recipes That Will Satisfy Your Chatpata Craving

5 Unique Bhel Recipes That Will Satisfy Your Chatpata Craving

Who doesn’t like to eat bhel?! Crispy, flaky rustle with crispy puris and khatti meethi chutney makes for a lip-smacking street snack we can’t get enough of. We all know that bhel is super easy to make as it doesn’t require much preparation, just the right ingredients. But what if you don’t have a murmur at home? Is there any way to enjoy bhel at home without muttering? Yes there is! We’ve found easy bhel recipes that can be made without adding murmurs. Now you don’t have to deny your appetite because of the lack of ingredients.

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How to make Bhel without murmuring | 5 Unique Bhel Recipes:

1. Maggi Bhel

Just like a typical bhel puri recipe, Maggi bhel contains tomato, onion, green chili, sev, masalas and more. All we do is replace the murmura (puffed rice) with roasted Maggi. Best of all, it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare this amazing snack.

Click here for Maggi Bhel’s full recipe.

2. Poha Bhel

Poha bhel is a quick chatpata snack that is perfect for those lazy evenings. With easily available ingredients you can make this delicious and crunchy snack in no time. If you’re a fan of the sweet-savory flavor combination, this recipe is for you.

Click here for the full recipe from Poha Bhel.

3. Makhane Bhel

Spicy, sweet and spicy, this makhana (fox nut) bhel is a super delicious and healthy bhel recipe. Prepared with ingredients such as potatoes, peanuts, fox nuts and green chilies along with spices such as black pepper, jeera powder and much more, this bhel recipe is a must-try!

Click here for Makhane Bhel’s full recipe.

4. Corn Bhel

A heartwarming combination of corn and potatoes, flavored with spicy tamarind (imli) chutney and lemon juice, this bhel is a delicious twist on your typical bhel and your kids will love every bite.

Click here for Corn Bhel’s full recipe.


5. Chinese Bhel

Chinese bhel has become an incredibly popular snack in Mumbai. It basically combines the goodness of various vegetables found in Chinese dishes like carrots, cabbage and peppers, with noodles, and adds a chatpata tadka to it.

Click here for the full recipe of Chinese Bhel.

Try out these bhel recipes and let us know what you think in the comments section below!