5 unique mango recipes to take you on a walk through a Bengali summer

5 unique mango recipes to take you on a walk through a Bengali summer

When mango season arrives in India, every state has its own cookbook of recipes to honor the king of fruits. West Bengal has its own share of unique mango recipes that are a world apart from what you normally know mango recipes to be.

While mangoes arrive quite late in Bengal, the raw mango is the savior. From pickles to fish curry, the range of raw mangoes in a Bangladeshi household is second to none. Sour, spicy and sweet, Bengals can transform this wonder fruit to their taste. They love mangoes and don’t miss an opportunity to put a spin on the fruit and create unique, exotic dishes. We look at seven such dishes that define summer in a Bangladeshi household.

Unique mango recipes to walk through a Bengali summer

Aam pora shorbot

This translates to smoked mango juice. And yes, it is exactly as it sounds. The raw mangoes are burned and set on fire for a smoky flavor. Let the mango skins char before removing them. This unique mango recipe is on the same page as an aam panna, but the recipe is very different. add some bhaja moshla head to it for some flavor and punch and drive away all your summer woes.

Aam er tok dal

Raw mango dal is a common delicacy in a Bengali household just as summer begins. With a pronounced sweet and sour taste, this dal goes best with hot rice. Usually prepared with masoor dal or red lentils and a five-spice temper, this unique mango recipe gains momentum during the early summers and lasts until monsoons.

Kaancha aam er chutney

Finishing a meal in Bengali household without a sweet dish is almost sacrilegious. Add the sweet and sour mango chutney and an ordinary lunch just takes a happy transformation. This sugary raw mango chutney is cooked in a temper of mustard seeds, dried red peppers, and loads of sugar. Of course it is not complete without the spices of the famous Bengali bhaja moshla† The best thing about this chutney is that the mango seeds go in too, dipped in the sugary gravy. Easy and hassle-free, this unique mango dish is loved by everyone.

aam probesh

The love affair of Bengal and sondesh needs no introduction. This traditional Bengali sweet is made with fresh chenna, sugar and mango puree. This unique mango recipe is all about freshness and softness that melts in the mouth. One of the more complex dishes to make, it’s important to get the technicalities right because you don’t want to end up with a chewy texture.

bye bye

Like the rest of the country, Bengalis also love their yogurt. But thanks to their sweet tooth, Bengalis trust to find the sugary version of any dish. That’s how they came up with mishti doi. But this aam doi or mango yogurt is their own twist on summer yogurt. Long before store bought flavored yogurt was a thing, this aam doi was a regular in a Bengali household, kept for the most special occasions. Making it is simple, easy and hassle-free and makes for a great summer recipe.

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