7 recipes with vegetable shreds for low-waste cooking

7 recipes with vegetable shreds for low-waste cooking
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When we cook, we often leave some leftovers behind. Onion and garlic skins, potato skins, the green, airy tops of carrots and much more. Some inevitably go to the compost, and if you don’t have compost, the trash.

But not all leftovers need to be thrown away, and some leftovers that you can’t eat can be given a rich second life.

Root to Leaf and Seed to Skin: Reduce waste and boost flavor with recipes that use the whole vegetable

Below are recipes that will allow you to use more of your vegetables.

Seed-to-Skin Squash and Sage Pasta, pictured above. With squash recipes you can keep the seeds – to use in another recipe. But with this recipe, you use the crunchy seeds directly in the dish, so you don’t have to think about using them later. Edible pumpkin skin, meanwhile, turns into little crunchy shreds on top.

Herbs And Their Stems Salad† With gentle herbs like coriander, parsley, dill and more you can use the stems in so many ways! Blitz them into a dressing or sauce, use to infuse herb flavors, or chop into this salad for a little crunch.

Scrappy Vegetable Broth† Plenty of fruits and vegetables ranging from onion skins to carrot scraps can be used to make stock! I tend to save odds and ends from all alliums, bits of carrot, mushroom stems and more. Brassica stems and the ends of green beans may not be great for stock, flavor-wise, but many other vegetables will work; read the header of this recipe for a good starting list.

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Honey-roasted carrots with carrot-top chimichurri† If you buy carrots with the feathery green tops, you can make a tasty chimichurri to spread on sweet-earthy roasted carrots. You can also use the chimichurri in other dishes.

Baked Swiss Chard† You can bake both the stems and the leaves of Swiss chard! The stalks have an almost beet-earthy flavor and are a nice, distinct texture in this simple baked dish.

Don’t peel your banana bread† There are all kinds of banana peel usage tips, from fertilizer to “bacon” (disclaimer: we tried it and didn’t like it with banana peel bacon), but you could follow this recipe for delicious banana bread that does use the skin.

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Roasted Radish With Green Goddess Butter† Roast radish leaves and radishes; as the radishes soften and become buttery, the leaves become crispy.