8 that will bring you comfort this winter

pie recipes

Comfort food comes in many forms, but my favorite is radiating in the center and has a buttery crust on top. Yes, I’m talking about the humble pie. When winter is unkind or you’ve had a long day, this is the meal I want to wrap my mouth around and disappear into. You can make one in minutes or you can take your time, braise, quench, even roll out your own pastry from scratch, if that’s your thing. And if you feel like something sweet afterwards, there’s a cake for that too.

Behold, 8 pie recipes to cling to when you need comfort.

Bourke Street Bakery’s Classic Australian Beef Pie

Let’s start where many of us in Australia begin our pie-eating experience. Of course, this Bourke Street Bakery recipe is more akin to your grandma’s number than you’ll find under a Mrs. Macs gas station heater. It takes a lot of love, time and attention and involves making your own pastries from scratch. Anyway, I appreciate the short crust as the base and puff as the lid position.

Margot & Fergus Henderson’s Fishtail Cake

I come back to this recipe video often. Not because I ever made the fish pie, but rather because I enjoy Margot and Fergus cooking together in their London kitchen. Although, I’m sure this rendition of fish pie stands out above the rest by leaps and bounds. It is soft, firm and robust cooking. More please.

Yotam Ottolenghi’s Potato and Spinach Pie

cake recipes

Who said winter comfort had to be about meat? Here, Yotam Ottolenghi offers a more savory take on a classic flavor combination, with crispy potato wedges and salty, cheesy spinach strands. It is a real crowd pleaser.

Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar Pie

cake recipes

Although the name has changed, the result is still the same. This sweet pie is like crack and you owe it to Christina Tosi. It’s gooey and light, and much like its origin story at Momofuku, this American-style pie can be tossed together with anything you have in your pantry and fridge. So if you’ve yet to taste it at Milk Bar in New York City, take this recipe and recreate it at home.

Jamie Oliver’s quick chicken pie

Cake is great, we know that. But usually, they’re not the most time-saving meal to whip up. Cue this recipe from Jamie Oliver, the savior of white, straight single men (and their stomachs). Its chicken and mushroom pie does what it says on the box, giving a creamy chicken vibes but with a crunchy top. In all seriousness, it’s just really tasty and easy as pie.

Neil Perry’s Beef Pie

Every so often we have to eat something green to prevent scurvy and when we do, this is the pie recipe we go to. It evokes the classic British side dish of mint peas and adds them to the main show. Thanks Nel.

Macaroni Pie by Paul Carmichael

cake recipes

Macaroni in a…pie? I thought the same thing, but when Paul Carmichael speaks, shut up and listen. As it turns out, this dish is a result of America’s influence on Bajan food culture and is prolific. “No Sunday lunch or Christmas party is complete without macaroni pie,” Carmichael says Gourmet traveler. When you taste it, you’ll understand why.

American applepie

cake recipes

I’ve heard some talk about cherished family apple pie recipes that have been passed down through generations and then there’s Amy Taylor from Amyl and the Sniffer’s Unhinged Take† My point is, apple pie is versatile and no matter how much effort you put into it, it’s almost always guaranteed to taste warm. Anyway, here’s a range of recipes for you to choose from courtesy of RUSS’s resident apple pie enthusiast Content Director Elyssa Kostopoulos.

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