9 fresh snow peas recipes including salads, slaws and dips

9 fresh snow peas recipes including salads, slaws and dips
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Even among the green vegetable avers, snow peas are usually not hard to sell. They are sweet and crunchy, delicious raw, briefly blanched or quickly stir-fried.

If you can get them fresh and local at the farmers market, all the better. But snow peas are also quite hearty when bought at the supermarket. Either way, you won’t go wrong, especially if you put them to good use in these recipes from our archives.

Pea-radish salad with mintOur Nourish columnist Ellie Krieger instructs you to blanch the snow peas (same sweet green peas) quickly to remove just enough of the raw edge, while still keeping them clear and crisp. Mint is a classic combination, although any mild spice will do. For another recipe from Ellie, consider: Steamed Shrimp and Summer Vegetables With Ginger-Soy Drizzle

Bulgur Pilaf With Spring PeasThis dish also uses the trifecta of snow peas, sweet green peas, and mint. Putting the mix on bulgur makes it a satisfying, meatless meal.

Freekeh With Shiitake Mushrooms, Leek and Snow peasHere’s another grain-starred recipe, and it offers an appealing combination of textures, thanks to the, well, tangy peas and slightly chewy mushrooms. If you prefer your grains to come in paste form, check it out Pasta With Pecorino And Pistachiosincluding snow peas thinly sliced ​​at an attractive angle.

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Honey-Garlic Tofu With Fried Broccoli And Sugar Snap PeasBaked snow peas and broccoli are combined with seared tofu in a dish with built-in leftovers to make a day-after vegetable fried rice.

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Ginger Basil Tempeh and Snow Peas Peas get the stir-fry treatment in this weeknight-friendly dish packed with bold coconut aminos, ginger, basil, and red cabbage or radicchio.

Spring Cobb Salad With Scallion DressingIf you’re looking for a frugal main course that can feed a family, try this colorful seasonal riff on a classic.

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Paillards Grilled Chicken With Sugar Snap Pea And Strawberry SaladThis recipe keeps the snow peas raw with a little twist — they’re cut in half to be especially eye-catching.

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Salad of raw corn, zucchini and peas You also do not cook the snow peas in this dish. For a truly sublime result, I recommend waiting until you can get your hands on local corn.

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Snack trays Big DipperWant a recommendation for something to use as a dip with raw snow peas and other raw vegetables? Let me introduce you to this Greek yogurt ranch dip.

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