9 Watermelon Drink Recipes for Summer

Watermelon Drink Recipe

Juicy, refreshing and distinctly seasonal, the watermelon’s crowd-pleasing tendency speaks for itself. But since the heyday of the ’90s, when the fruit sparkled in sweet ‘tinis and slushy cocktails, the oft-maligned “basic” watermelon cocktail has adult.

In today’s watermelon cocktail canon, there are, of course, refined versions of the usual suspects, such as the Sandia Stormking, an update of the watermelon Margarita where the fruit permeates the tequila; or the Watermelon Cucumber Cooler, where a pinch of wasabi salt enhances the flavour. But there are also new formats that use the easy-drinking nature of watermelon to introduce unexpected or challenging flavors. In Lynnette Marrero and John Ware’s MeloncholyFor example, a base of pisco, rosé and watermelon juice is combined with ginger syrup and a few dashes of habanero tincture for a drink that is surprising and crushable in equal parts. Orlando Franklin McCray’s Two Ingredients Watermelon Pastismeanwhile, may be an approachable first taste of aniseed-forward pastis, a relatively unknown spirit in the state.

Above all, whether in a stub, spritz or swizzle, the watermelon cocktail must stay true to its distinctive, easy-to-drink character. Here are our favorite recipes that show what the summer fruit can do.

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