A spring pan dinner, healthy pasta and more easy recipes to make this week

A spring pan dinner, healthy pasta and more easy recipes to make this week

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Looking for an answer to the never-ending question, “What should I cook this week?” Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. For a healthy dose of weekday meal inspiration, look no further than this range of crowd-pleasing favorites. These are not only family friendly recipes packed with seasonal products (think: slopesasparagus and carrots), but they’re also quick and easy to whip up if you’re short on time.

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Our latest recipe series is packed with time-saving shortcuts to streamline the cooking process: Meal prep like a pro with a forward-thinking breakfast pie for a crowd. Save yourself the headache of washing multiple dishes without thinking sheet pan dinner† Throw together a healthy pasta recipe, packed with vegetables and protein, that the whole family can enjoy during lunch or dinner. Your future self will thank you!

while this spring recipes require little time and effort, they taste great, making them the perfect addition to your recipe repertoire. But wait, there’s more! These recipes are shoppable, which means you can skip the store and order the necessary ingredients through Walmart at the touch of a button. (Speaking of saving time…) Not to mention that Walmart+ Members can score free delivery on orders $35 and above.

What to cook this week?

Spring Asparagus Breakfast Cake by Casey Barber

Not only is this easy, inexpensive breakfast pie a weeknight wonder, but it’s a great option for… Mother’s Day Brunch† Loaded with tangy Gouda cheese, grated Parmesan, fresh dill and spring greens, this pie will undoubtedly be the talk of the breakfast table. The best part? You can get a head start by using a precooked pie crust and preparing it up to two whole days before serving.

Plate Pan Chicken With Slopes, Lemon And Garlic Garlic by Yasmin Fahr

You can’t beat the springy simplicity of this lemony leaf pan chicken, paired with the coveted garlic-onion flavor of ramps. (If you can’t get the ramps, use scallions.) Serve these juicy chicken thighs with crusty bread, rice, or a simple pasta side to juice up the sauce. Bonus: you only have to wash one sheet!

Orecchiette With Roasted Tomatoes And Chickpeas by Casey Barber

For a healthy pasta dish that will please your whole family, look no further than this simply stunning recipe that is packed with herb roasted tomatoes and protein-rich chickpeas. We promise it will taste just as good reheating leftovers for lunch as it does fresh from the jar for dinner. Did we mention it’s also vegetarian and vegan?

Balsamic honey roasted carrots by Lauren Salkeld

Here’s a way to eat more veggies: Drizzle them with a sweet and sour balsamic-honey sauce. These roasted glazed carrots may be a side dish, but they’re going to steal the show at your dinner table. Plus, they take less than 5 minutes to prepare.

Carrot Ginger Bundt Cake by TODAY and Carrie Parente

Looking for a tasty weekday treat or even an easy one Mother’s Day dessert† This cake checks all the boxes. A departure from the traditional cream cheese-frosted, nut-speckled version, this ginger-spiced bundt cake will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about carrot cake (in a good way).