All recipes for day 3

Witchy Life Story_Day 3

witch life story offers players a new set of problems every day to solve through magical concoctions. Brewing potions, charms, oils and incense is central to the gameplay experience, and this guide covers all the recipes for Day 3.

witch life story is a Casual Witchcraft Simulation game developed and published by Sundew Studios. A witch in training with a rebellious streak has been sent by their grandmother to a remote town, with the task of proving their dignity to continue training by helping the townspeople with their problems in the run-up to the Harvest Festival. With two weeks before the festival and everything revolves around its success, players must befriend the townspeople as they create a variety of magical concoctions to help them with their various problems.


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Ruth’s Request (Relaxation Oil)

Ruth is looking for an oil to help her relax as the stress of being mayor in the run-up to a festival starts to weigh on her, so let’s start brewing. We need an ingredient with a plus sign (lavender), a blue ingredient (pea flour), and an ingredient associated with Venus (hollyhock). Since this is an oil, players will also need to click a few times on the bottle at the bottom right of the worktable to switch to the amber bottle used for oils.

Click on the bowl in the middle of the table to mix some Relaxation Oil.

Jean’s Request (Discovery Charm)

Jean struggles with their new recipe and is looking for an amulet to help them find their way forward. Since we really want to try his new recipe, we need to help as soon as possible. The ingredients for this are an ingredient with a star symbol (Chamomile), a burgundy ingredient (Geranium), and an ingredient associated with Pluto (Allium).

Swap the bottom right container into a charm bag and click the center bowl to mix a Discovery Charm.

Devin’s Request (New Friends Oil)

Devin is looking for an oil to help him talk to people, you know, for fun? Looks like he’s trying to make some more friends, so let’s help with that. We need an ingredient with a heart symbol (rose), a yellow ingredient (yarrow), and an ingredient associated with Venus (hollyhock).

Turn the container into the amber oil bottle and mix in some New Friends Oil.

witch life story is available for PC.

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