Ancient Cannabis Edible Recipes | westword

Ancient Cannabis Edible Recipes |  westword
Dear Stoner: Do you know of any good old-fashioned cannabis edible recipes, or good sources for finding them? I would like to try to make something old.
Chef B

Dear Chef B: Eastern hemisphere cannabis edibles have been around for much longer than the pot brownie, which was invented by Hollywood in the 1960s, according to edibles historian Robyn Griggs Lawrence, who wrote the book on eating weed. Lawrence’s Star Pot in Pans: A History of Eating Cannabis (which you should buy immediately) and the most famous example of what you’re looking for is majoun.

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Majoun is a fun, quick and proven edible recipe.

Herbert Fuego

A combination of hashish, chopped dates, figs, nuts, honey, melted butter and various spices from ancient Persia, majoun is easy to make and requires a small amount of hash. You can also try bhang, an ancient Indian drink made with fresh cannabis leaves, warm milk, honey and spices. Although more difficult to make than majoun, bhang can be a powerful intoxicant and is for you. The drink’s cultural significance is so strong in India that making and selling bhang is legal in that country, despite all other forms of cannabis being banned. Checking out’s recipe for a smooth introduction.

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