Animal Crossing cupcakes baked by player look absolutely delicious

Animal Crossing cupcakes baked by player look absolutely delicious

An Animal Crossing fan has baked cupcakes based on in-game treats, with each fruit-topped creation being a perfect copy of the original image.

A Animal Crossing fan baked fruit cupcakes that look just as delicious as the ones in the game. Animal Crossing has thousands of items that players can use to decorate their in-game homes, including food. This, in addition to the added function of cooking in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and even a Animal Crossing Theme ice cream flavor at Cold Stone Creamery, has led to a strong association between Animal Crossing and cute looking food.

Fictional dishes, especially those from video games and animations, have a habit of delighting viewers. Therefore, when a gamer can bring the decadent snacks to life, it is usually received with great enthusiasm from hungry fans. There has been a proliferation of fictional food recipes in recent years, including YouTube channels such as Binging with Babish, books full of game-based recipes, and anime-style Final Fantasy XV and A pieceand discussions and posts on sites such as Twitter and Reddit.


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Animal Crossing fan and chef elf_sprout baked a trio of tasty looking fruity desserts based on the cupcakes found in Animal Crossing. Using a vegan vanilla cake recipe (shared in the thread from the original post) and topping them with frosting and chunks of fresh fruit, they look like the in-game cupcakes. Elven_sprout makes vegan versions of foods seen in various video games, such as the calamari from Stardew ValleySeafood Fried Rice from Breath of the Wildand the Hearty Ramen from Animal Crossing. She shares her recipes along with photos comparing her food to the actual dish in the game. These cupcakes are her latest creation, which she has shared on both her Twitter and TikTok.

Animal Crossing snacks all look good enough to eat

Each of elven_sprout’s creations looks super delicious, and as a bonus, all the recipes she posts are vegan. This means that vegan fans who are also tempted by video game food can enjoy some of the recipes, like this adorable Animal Crossing-inspired fruit cupcakes. She even managed to capture the arrangement of the fruit on top and the dripping pink frosting on the cherry cupcake exactly the same as the inspirational image, making them a true masterpiece.

Anyone wanting to try making these simple and sweet cupcakes can find the recipe in elven_sprout’s post, along with plenty of other delicious options. The easy-to-make treats are a great addition to both Animal Crossing houses and lifelike parties or events. Thanks to the shared recipe, the cupcakes will certainly appeal Animal Crossing fan.

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Source: elven_sprout/Twitter

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