Anne Burrell’s That’s So 90’s Recipes

Anne Burrell's That's So 90's Recipes

on Worst Chefs in America Celebrity Edition: That’s So 90s, Chef Anne Burrell mentored her Rockin’ Red Stars team and taught them how to prepare some delicious recipes. Her team consisted of 90s star Elisa Donovan van ignorantTracey Gold from growing painsMark Long from traffic rules, and Nicholle Tom from The Nanny. Anne and her team went head to head, featuring first mentor chief Jeff Mauro’s Blue Team, with Lori Beth Denberg of All of thatJennie Kwan out California dreamsMatthew Lawrence from Mrs. DoubtfireJodie Sweetin from Full roomand Curtis Williams from The parent ‘Hood’


Every week, the Worst Chefs Celebrity recruits attended a culinary boot camp, during which they learned how to prepare various meals, some of them with ’90s themes. Although the food had the same themes each week, Anne and Jeff taught their teams how to make different recipes. As the participants learned how to follow the recipes and use kitchen tools correctly, their cooking skills improved. Each episode featured a pre-heat challenge, with participants playing games and cooking, and a main course challenge. In the end, Anne Tracey chose to fight it out with Jodie from Jeff’s Worst Chefs team in the final. They cooked a restaurant-quality three-course meal for guest judges Ilan Hall, Nilou Motamed and Ayesha Nurdjaja. Tracey won the competition and took home the $25,000 prize for her charity, the Surfrider Foundation.

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Fans of Worst Chefs enjoy watching the funny mistakes and wacky antics that happen in the kitchen, but the show is also surprisingly inspiring. When Anne taught her team how to cook and bake different dishes in the main course challenges, they really improved their skills. They went home to their families with the opportunity to cook great meals for them. Now that the show is coming to an end, here are all of Anne’s recipes.

Episode 1 – Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Peas, Carrots and Peppers

For the first time Worst Chefs in America Main course challenge of the season, the recruits were asked to replicate lofty versions of classic TV dinners popular in the 90s. The Red Team recruit who won this challenge was Mark, who celebrated by lifting Anne off the ground with a big bear hug. The full recipe can be found on the food network website.

Episode 2 – Steak Oscar with king crab, hollandaise sauce and sautéed asparagus

During Episode 2, Anne and Jeff taught their teams how to make the classic and elegant Steak Oscar, a French dish from the late 1890s, for the main course challenge. According to Jeff, the original dish consisted of a fillet topped with lump crabmeat, covered in an emulsified butter sauce, with a side of asparagus. The recruit of the Worst Chefs The red team that replicated the best Anne’s Steak Oscar dish was Elisa, who joked about hugging Anne during the celebration. This happened after she accidentally pulled her to the floor in an attempt to recreate Mark’s hug from the previous week. Click here food network link for full recipe.

Episode 3 – Holstein Pork Schnitzel with Austrian Potato Salad and Pickled Cucumbers

For Episode 3, the Worst Chefs bootcamp was transformed into WC Peaks, a winter chalet. For the main course challenge, Anne and Jeff demonstrated how to make classic European schnitzel with potato wedges. Anne explained that traditionally schnitzel is a very thin, breaded and fried piece of veal, but she used pork in her recipe. The recruits had to put their own spin on the potato sides. Anne made Jeff cringe in terror when she demanded that her recruits use a mandolin to slice their cucumbers. Happy are all Worst Chefs recruits met the challenge with all their fingers intact. The winning Red Team member was again Mark, who twirled Anne in another bear hug. The full recipe can be found here food network clutch.

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Episode 4 – Red Coconut Curry with Sautéed Bok Choy and Coconut Rice with Jasmine

Chef Anne Burrell

In Episode 4’s Main Course Challenge, Worst Chefs celebrities learned how to make seafood curry dishes. The recruits were shocked to find that they had to fillet a whole fish. The celebrities had to use vegetables and flavorings of their choice. Anne thought Elisa had made the best curry and declared her the winner for the second time. Click here food network link for Anne’s full recipe.

Episode 5 – Peach and Blueberry Sack with Vanilla Glaze and Candied Almonds

The Worst Chefs Mentors sweeten things up in Episode 5, which featured a main course challenge where they had to make fruit-filled pastry bags. The recruits learned how to make dough themselves. They completed the pastry bags with their choice of fillings, glazes and nuts. Tracey won the challenge with her apricot and blackberry pouch. You can find Anne’s full recipe here food network clutch.

Episode 6 – Agnolotti with Sausage and Ricotta Filling and Burst Cherry Tomato & Pancetta Sauce

For Episode 6, the recruits were asked to provide the “im-pasta-ble” mission to make fresh pasta and sauce from scratch. According to Anne, agnolotti is actually ravioli, but instead of two pieces of pasta stuck together, it is filled and folded in half. The Worst Chefs recruits had to recreate the pasta recipe, but gave their own flavor to the agnolotti and a sauce. Although Anne said all the remaining recruits, Tracey, Elisa and Mark, were successful, and it was a tough decision, she declared Elisa the winner of her third Worst Chefs challenge. Click here food network link for Anne’s full recipe.

Episode 7 – Three Course Meal Final

Tracey Gold Sausage Cooks

Anne took Tracey to the final. They teamed up to create a restaurant-quality three-course meal. Although they planned the menu together during the competition, Tracey had to cook the entire meal herself. Anne was only allowed to coach her, but was not allowed to touch or taste anything. The first course consisted of fried green tomatoes with cracked cherry tomatoes, pancetta and lobster. Course two included seared lamb chops with roasted radish and haricots verts, black olives, pine nuts, fennel and potato au gratin with goat cheese and dill. Tracey completed her Worst Chefs meal with a third course dessert of gooseberry and blueberry custard crostata with brown sugar caramel sauce. After battling Jodie, Tracey won Worst Chefs in America: Celebrity Edition. The winning recipes can be found here: appetizer (via food network)second course (via food network)and third course (via food network

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Of Worst Chefs in America Celebrity Edition: That’s So 90s, Anne earned her fourth celebrity edition win. Her recipes taught the recruits important skills that helped them become better cooks. She has proven over the years that she can teach people who are challenged in the kitchen to improve their culinary skills. When Anne’s recruits completed the show, they were no longer the worst cooks in the country.

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