Anniversary recipes: A royal get-together

Anniversary recipes: A royal get-together

Eating together is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but since we’re all a little rusty when thinking about what to pack, some simple ideas can help. From cooking for the family to crowd-pleasing dishes you can share, here’s our royal recipe roundup featuring the kings and queens of the seasonal vegetable calendar.

Coronation carrots is a quirky vegetarian twist on a retro classic. This original Riverford recipe from Chef Bob Andrews focuses on tender summer carrots. Pair it with crunchy veggies and lettuce leaves to create an easy, colorful bowl that will grace any table. For the recipe click on here

It’s not a street party without sausage rolls, and this satisfying vegan version is sure to please everyone. With lots of plant-based protein and tasty veggies, including tender spinach, they’re delicious and filling.

You can make the filling a day in advance if you like, and feel free to play around with adding different nuts, spices, or dried fruit to make the recipe work with whatever ingredients you have on hand — keep the basic proportions about the same. To make this recipe, click here

sausage Rolls

Asparagus season is celebrated every year, and this vegetarian bake-and-take asparagus and blue cheesecake pairs it with many of its foodies; blue cheese, eggs, fennel and citrus. Find the recipe here, or as catering for gluten-free diners, a fresh, vibrant Caprese-style asparagus salad is a quick makeover that shows off the summer flavors at their best. For the recipe click on here.


An uncomplicated, tablecloth, afternoon tea party scone can’t be beaten. Seemingly simple, but with a foolproof recipe and a few top tips, you will ensure a light-hearted turnout.

Strawberries and clotted cream are the obvious toppings, but you can also use other seasonal fruits, such as rhubarb or blueberries. For a deliciously easy scone recipe and fruity topping ideas, Click here.


If you want to make a toast, toasted rhubarb lemonade, made by Riverford Field Kitchen mixologist Gem Stadden, is the perfect homemade refreshment on a sunny afternoon. It mixes really well with ginger beer, club soda, or lots of crushed ice and a splash of rum to make a quick daiquiri. for how to make, click here

Or, for those who just want to enjoy the Bank Holiday with minimal fuss, cut out the schedule with a recipe pack and knock sown summer slaw or show stop strawberry and rhubarb pavlova