Atta Chana Dal Farra Recipe: This delicious recipe from UP will tickle your taste buds

Atta Chana Dal Farra Recipe: This delicious recipe from UP will tickle your taste buds

Dal is one of those things without which our meals are incomplete. It can be any kind of valley, and it always feels comforting to have. Plus, it’s even packed with nutrition and protein. So far we have eaten dal in the jhol form or maybe made pakodas and vadas from it. However, if you want to give dal a new taste, how about trying a Dal Farra!? Dal Farra is a delicious North Indian dal dumpling that you must taste. This recipe is well known in Uttar Pradesh. It can be prepared on special occasions and eaten every day for lunch or as a quick snack. Thanks to the excellent dal mixture used for the filling, these steamed dumplings pack a flavorful punch. And once you’ve eaten them, we’re sure you’ll keep coming back to them!

Making this recipe is easy. It only requires a handful of kitchen ingredients and is flavorful to the core. The recipe we bring you today is from YouTube food blogger Parul Jain, who posted it on her ‘Cook With Parul’ channel. She often makes delicious recipes and shares them with her followers. This dal farra is a new addition you must try. View the recipe below:

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Chana dal can be used to make different kinds of snacks.

Atta Chana Dal Farra Recipe: How to Make Atta Chana Dal Farra Recipe

In a bowl, add wheat flour, suji, salt and ghee; mix this well. Now add some water and knead a dough. Cover this for a moment. Now prepare a filling. For the filling, take soaked chana dal and urad dal. Add this to the grinder with green chillies and ginger. Make a rough mix with this. Add bell pepper, bell pepper and green beans to this dal mix. Now add red chili powder, turmeric powder, dhania powder, jeera powder, amchur powder, salt and garam masala. Combine them well. Take the dough and roll it out thin. Add the filling and close the dough in a puff pastry form. Steam these dumplings. Cut them into small pieces. Bake this in a pan with herbs and serve!

Check out the full recipe of this atta chana dal farra here:

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Try this yummy recipe and let us know what you think!