Baklava, Turkish Kofte Kebabs and More: 5 Recipes That Will Give You a Taste of Turkey at Home

Baklava, Turkish Kofte Kebabs and More: 5 Recipes That Will Give You a Taste of Turkey at Home

Turkey is starting to pop up on people’s bucket lists lately, isn’t it?! The recent hype created by bloggers has made us curious about this Middle Eastern country with its mesmerizing beauty and rich history, making us want to immerse ourselves in its culture. Especially for foodies, this country offers a culinary fusion of Asian and European cultures, offering the best of both worlds through its food. Turkish cuisine has influences of Greek, Egyptian and Levantine flavors, making for a vibrant culinary scene. While we’ve all heard of the Turkish classic baklava, this cuisine has many more delicious dishes to offer! So if you can’t travel to Turkey, we managed to bring Turkey to your home by finding the recipes for some of the most authentic Turkish dishes!

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5 Recipes That Will Give You a Taste of Turkey at Home:

1. Turkish Kofte Kebabs

The recipe for Turkish kofte kebab can come in different variants. While some enjoy it as it is, some like to dip it in gravy. The recipe we bring to you has another twist; it is wrapped in thin strips of various vegetables.

Click here for the full recipe of Turkish Kofte Kebabs.

2. Turkish eggs

We introduce you to Turkish eggs, which are also called ‘cilibir’ in Turkey. The recipe consists of poached eggs on top of a bed of homemade Greek yogurt mix, topped with warm and melted seasoned butter. Cilibir is as common as an omelette in Turkish cuisine, even to cook at home.

Click here for the full Turkish Egg recipe.

3. Turkish Tulumba

Tulumba is made from pieces of fried dough. It is the western version of the popular Indian Diwali sweet Shakar para, infused with lots of lemon and sugar syrup (Chashni) and rose. It is a crunchy, syrupy and ultra-sweet classic Turkish dessert and popular street food.

Click here for the full recipe for Turkish Tulumba.


4. Turkish Lamb Kebabs

The Middle East is the land of kebabs, and Turkey is home to a delicious variety of kebabs! Here we have the Turkish lamb kebab recipe that will give you an idea of ​​what Turkish kebabs taste like! The meat is marinated in heavy spices to give juicy and tender kebabs.

Click here for the full recipe for Turkish Lamb Kebabs.

5. Baklava

Baklava is a staple dessert in Turkish cuisine and it is essentially a layered dough made by baking in the oven, sweetened with sugar syrup or honey. The flaky layers of the dough include crushed dry fruits and mounds of butter inside — making it a delight for festivities like Eid.

Click here for the full baklava recipe.

Try these recipes and let us know which Turkish delicacy was your favorite.