Barbecue, with a twist | Tex-like BBQ built on friendship, unique recipes

Barbecue, with a twist |  Tex-like BBQ built on friendship, unique recipes

TEXARKANA, Texas — Tex-style BBQ brings a twist of Irish to a Southern staple.

The delivery service offers a varying menu of traditional barbecue with a special twist to tantalize the taste buds.

The company started when friends Allan McEneaney and Chris Holder began experimenting with their homemade meals and sharing recipes. The two found themselves in competition to see who could make the best food.

What started as a deep-rooted love of food and friendly competition eventually grew into Tex-ish BBQ. The name combines the words Texan, to represent Chris, and Irish, to represent Allan.

The pun also represents their barbecue: non-traditional, full of flavor and just as eclectic as the two men.

“We like the artisanal part of our food to tantalize the taste buds,” McEneaney said. “We wanted to bring all the barbecue styles across America and around the world and combine them (to) show Texarkana what’s happening across the spectrum in terms of food.”

Both men have traveled the world and their exposure to different cultures influences their original spices, rubs and sauces.

“They draw on their experiences,” said Tera Holder, who is married to Chris.

Aly Dwyer, McEneaney’s and Tera also help run the business and often post the weekly, ever-changing menu on social media.

“Just from our own personal experience, if a menu is too big it’s hard to pick something,” Dwyer said.

“All the food is made from scratch, sourced locally and smoked with hickory wood,” McEneaney said. “Briskets are smoked for a minimum of 12-18 hours.”

Recipes for the coveted sauces are closely guarded secrets

“The glaze on the ribs is a recipe no one else knows,” Holder said. “Allan’s Chocolate BBQ Sauce and Carolina Sauce are also top secret.”

The chocolate sauce is a balance between salty and savory, which does not overpower the meat or take away other flavors. In contrast, the Carolina sauce is potent, with tangy and spicy notes that go together perfectly. However, the heat doesn’t linger, making it perfect even for those who don’t like spicy food.

Holder also has a coveted chicken spaghetti. The creamy sauce and tender chicken are fried until the top layer is just crisp. Many customers combine the chicken spaghetti and ribs for the ultimate comfort food.

“So far everyone has given great feedback and the repeat customers prove it works,” Holder said.

(Email orders to [email protected] or call or text Chris at 903-691-8135.)

Chris Holder and Alan McEneaney are co-owners of Tex-ish BBQ. The friendship and business are rooted in a shared love of food and travel. (Submitted photo)