Bento Box lunches: discover easy recipes that meat lovers love to take to work

Bento Box lunches: discover easy recipes that meat lovers love to take to work

Bento boxes are a great way for people to compartmentalize their lunch box so that it never gets boring and you have several elements of a meal instead of one pureed dish. If you prefer meat over vegetarian specialties, check out some intriguing lunch box ideas that can make your break from work that much more exciting. These meals are designed to be healthy, so you give up eating takeout or junk food to take home some wholesome, home-cooked foods designed to satisfy your meat cravings.

Chicken Teriyaki in Bento Box

If you have always tasted chicken Teriyaki in restaurants, here is a cooking style that allows you to make this Japanese dish at home. All you have to do is roast or grill the meat before spreading some soy sauce and mirin on it. Cooked conventionally, this retains the authenticity of the flavors of Chicken Teriyaki, making it a great office lunch. In addition to the usual ingredients, you’ll need protein and cornstarch. View the recipe-

From Spaghetti and Sausage to Ginger Pork in your lunch

This set of recipes is designed to give you more than a few meat-packed lunchbox options. From sausage and spaghetti, an egg-based lunch to ginger pork in a spicy and spicy sauce; The variety in this video gives you different ideas for lunch boxes to make your work week exciting. It’s also great for kids, so you can pack their boxes along with your own every day.

Healthy Asian meal with beef

If you have a love for Japanese cuisine, then this video is for you. It uses a classic recipe to cook Asian-style beef, making it ideal for your pre-work meal a few times a week. It is great for those hoping to gain weight in the gym as it has a healthy protein content with steak. Here’s a look at the traditional Japanese recipe-

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