Best Dessert Truffle Recipes – Easy Chocolate Truffles Ideas

Best Dessert Truffle Recipes - Easy Chocolate Truffles Ideas

We’re all about miniature, easy desserts, and possibly the simplest, most rewarding version is truffles (not to be confused with the mushrooms of the same name). No, we’re talking about the delicious, round, two-bite beautiful balls of chocolate-y goodness often found foiled in pretty chocolate boxes. What if we told you that they are actually insanely easy to make yourself? We love to keep a stash for ourselves as a snack, give a few away as Christmas gifts, serve them as simple, fancy desserts after dinner…they’re kind of a great treat. Check out our 23 dessert truffle recipes for flavor ideas – we’ve taken them way beyond just milk chocolate.

At their simplest, truffles are simply rolled balls of chocolate ganache, dipped in chocolate and then decorated. There are many origin stories for ganache (“fool/fool” in French), but the one we like the most is the one about the chocolatier’s assistant who accidentally dropped heavy cream into a bowl of chocolate. His chef called him a fool, Gordon Ramsay idiot sandwichstyle, and history was made. You can keep it simple and stick with the classic milk chocolate on milk chocolate combination, or swap out for dark or white for a twist. You can also add different flavors such as our red wine truffles, our orange cream truffles or our Baileys truffles. Keep in mind that you can always get creative with your decorations too – check out our Brazilian brigadeiros recipe for a variety of ideas.

ganache is super simple, but we’d understand if you don’t feel like heating up milk to make sure your ganache is the right consistency, the whole bitch… Try one of our cheat truffle recipes instead! They taste somewhere between a cookie crust and a cake pop, and so do we. to be. here. in front of. the. Our most popular version is an Oreo truffle made with cream cheese, Oreos and vanilla, rolled into balls and dipped in melted chocolate. From there you can branch out and use different cookies, like the graham crackers in our s’mores cookie dough truffles or pumpkin truffles, or the golden Oreos in our piña colada truffles or our strawberry shortcake truffles. Try out your own combinations, and have fun!

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