Best lasagna recipes 2022

Best lasagna recipes 2022

When it comes to midweek meals, it’s hard to beat a classic lasagna recipe. The rich ground beef filling and creamy béchamel sauce pair perfectly with a leaf salad served on the side. It is one of our favorite comfort food dishes.

And while a supermarket lasagna can be great, nothing beats a homemade version.

A classic deli-style lasagna isn’t the fastest recipe, though, as the filling, made with ground beef, oregano, red wine, and tomatoes, takes time. It is best if you let it simmer for an hour. And it will be worth the investment.

But if you don’t have an hour, no problem. We have a slow cooker lasagna that only takes 20 minutes to prepare. You need to plan in advance as it takes 6 hours for the slow cooker to work its magic.

For something more immediate, our easiest lasagna ever can be made in under an hour. It’s not made the traditional way and the lasagna sheets are broken, but it’s still delicious.

For vegetarians (or anyone who wants to eat less meat), our cheat’s ricotta and veggie lasagna is just right. It takes 30 minutes and the cheat is, we used canned vegetables like bell peppers and artichokes for the filling.

If lasagna sounds a bit filling for the warmer months, we recommend our easy summer lasagna. It’s light and green with asparagus and peeled fava beans, plus basil and mint for extra freshness.