Best Platinum Anniversary Cake Ideas

Best Platinum Anniversary Cake Ideas


The Queen’s platinum anniversary is just days away, and we’re only thinking of one thing: what the heck are we going to bring to the local street party, other than paper crowns and camping chairs? Well, if your job is to create a pudding fit for royalty, we’ve got just what you’re looking for… a Platinum Jubilee pie!

No, we’re not talking basic cakes decorated with the Queen’s face, or the Union Jack (although we’d never say no to a few Her Majesty slices), we’re talking show-stopping centerpieces that will make your neighbors gasp. to excitement, the kind you can make ahead of time and enjoy over the holiday weekend.

Need inspiration? Here are 12 of our favorite cakes, perfect for celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

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Chocolate Strawberry Cake

We know everyone loves Biscoff, and why shouldn’t you? Well, we’ve turned that hugely popular cookie spread into a super stylish and super decadent cake.

Get the Biscoff Cake recipe.

We understand there’s no shortage of carrot cake recipes in the universe, but ours is — quite simply — the best.

Download the carrot cake recipe.


Chocolate Orange Marble Cake

Marble cake is a win/win in our eyes. Two flavors in one? Add us! But we couldn’t resist upgrading the traditional chocolate marble cake recipe with our favorite flavor combination: chocolate orange.

Get the Chocolate Orange Marble Cake recipe.


Citrus Upside Down Cake

There’s nothing extra complicated about this cake, but the little extra effort of slicing citrus fruits and fanning them out on the bottom of the cake tins results in something really beautiful.

Get the recipe for Citrus Upside Down Cake.

We love, love, love coffee cake. Coffee gives such great richness to sponge, and this espresso martini cake is no exception. I mean, adding Kahlua to a sponge mixture, what more could you want?

Download the Espresso Martini Cake recipe.

This Ferrero Rocher cake is a seriously indulgent bake with a soft, hazelnut sponge covered in a delicious Nutella icing, topped with everyone’s favorite chocolate treats.

Get the Ferrerro Rocher Cake recipe.


White chocolate and raspberry cake

Is it any surprise that lemon drizzle cake is one of the country’s favorite cake flavors? It’s spicy, vibrant, juicy and downright delicious. And just six ingredients make up our super easy lemon drizzle cake recipe.

Get the recipe for Lemon Drizzle Cake.


Mini Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Want to make your own boozy cake? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This orange mimosa cake recipe is amazing and super easy to make.

Download the orange cake recipe.

We tested this cake over and over until it was absolutely perfect. Even the most amateur baker can nail it at home.

Get the Vanilla Bundt Cake recipe.

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