Best Shrimp Tacos Recipe – Making Shrimp Tacos

Best Shrimp Tacos Recipe - Making Shrimp Tacos

Kayla Greer, former personal chef to stars like Drake, Migos, and Nipsey Hussle, shares her beloved recipe for “Best You Ever Had” Shrimp Tacos. The name, inspired by the iconic 2009 Drake hit, was one of the rapper’s favorite foods.

These tacos first came to Greer in a dream and became a popular dish among her family. During her three-year stint as Drake’s personal chef, she adapted the recipe to the rapper’s diet. Occasionally she’d swap the tortillas for rice or green salad, but there was one adjustment Greer had to make every time—no cilantro. Yes, Drake can’t stand cilantro, but for those who love the love-it-or-hate-it spice, it’s in this recipe. Feel free to omit or substitute if you feel the same as Drake about cilantro.

It’s safe to say we are “Certified Lover Boys” of these shrimp tacos. Make the recipe and find out why it deserves the hype.

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