Big Restaurant Bet episode 4 was a showcase full of emotions

Big Restaurant Bet episode 4 was a showcase full of emotions

Big restaurant bet was back for episode 4 and the chefs stress seeped through the screen this week. When we got to the final four, the stress was bound to increase, but I was dealing with secondhand anxiety watching this episode.

The episode kicked off with a recipe-writing challenge. The challenge was to see if Chef Zakarian and Chef Eric could make the chefs’ dishes using just the recipe for help. And to see if what they were making compared to what the dish should actually be, the chefs had to make their dish as well.

This challenge really showed who could write a detailed and easy-to-follow recipe and who couldn’t.

Chef Zakarian had to make Chef T’s five-spice duck breast and Chef Brett’s shrimp soup. Chef Eric made Chef Mariana’s huarache and Chef Alicia’s “crab” cake.

Big Restaurant Bet episode 4 was a showcase full of emotions

Chef Brett isn’t a great recipe writer to say the least, which is why he was at the very bottom for this challenge. Chef Zakarian made it pretty clear that he didn’t know how to follow the recipe with how few instructions there were.

Chef Mariana finished at the top with her highly detailed, multi-page recipe. But with the steps laid out like that, Chef Eric knew exactly what to do.

The next challenge the cooks had to face was thinking about dietary restrictions and the likes and dislikes of a group of diners. And it wasn’t just any dinner. It was a group of food critics. And the list of things they didn’t want in their meal nearly made the cooks cry tears of frustration. Who doesn’t love avocados?!?

But the chefs came up with it and while not all dishes lived up to expectations, none of the food was truly terrible.

The two chefs at the top were Chef T and Chef Alicia, with Chef T winning this challenge with her glazed grilled lamb chop and dirty rice. That put Chef Mariana and Chef Brett at the bottom and Chef Brett was sent home.

Next episode, the chefs are at the door and they have to deal with all sorts of problems from not-so-nice customers. It’s going to be chaos.

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