Chebureki Recipe – NYT Cooking

Chebureki Recipe - NYT Cooking

Chebureki are the southern Ukrainian branch of the worldwide family of empanadas, potstickers, patties and salteñas – pockets of dough filled with meat and deep fried until golden brown and juicy. A blistered, chewy crust is the sign of a really good cheburek, according to Olga Koutseridi, who grew up in Mariupol, Ukraine, and adapted this recipe for her home kitchen in Austin, Texas. The dough for this recipe is relatively stiff, which means it takes some time to mix by hand. You can also use a stand mixer, but your mixer may have a hard time. After the first few pies, they are much easier to put together and you can roll and fill the next few as you bake. It is best to fry one or two at a time, this will help control the oil temperature and ensure the freshest chebureki. They should be eaten within minutes of removing them from the fryer. —Julia Moskin

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