Chef Pillai on the aesthetics of food and fusion recipes

Chef Pillai on the aesthetics of food and fusion recipes

Celebrity Chef Suresh Pillai is all about the aesthetics of food. It is said that you should taste the food with your eyes first, then the nose, and finally the mouth, Pillai says. Presentation is so crucial when it comes to food. When the food is presented seductively, it is said that your belly is already half full.

Chef Pillai is all set to open a brand new restaurant that showcases the authentic flavors of Kerala in Kochi called ‘Restaurant Chef Pillai’. It will open to the public on May 26 at Kochi’s Le Meridien. You can expect some of Pillai’s signature dishes such as fish nirvana, chicken puliyinji lollipop, pal konju etc. There will also be fusion experiments with unniyappam and falooda.

“We see many housewives cooking and presenting food with the finesse you see in restaurants and share on Instagram. Take, for example, the importance of cutting vegetables. Be it cubes or julienne or any style, you can learn it in no time with the help of some YouTube tutorials,” he says.

“Grenner can be considered an art in cooking. If you can practice it regularly, you’ll be as good as a professional chef in no time,” Pillai added.

When it comes to food, Pillai has no qualms about venturing to new plains. His fusion recipes that combine the best of several cuisines in one are getting a lot of reactions on social media thanks to its novelty and aesthetic appeal. This time, Suresh Pillai delivers a surprising snack recipe for Manoramaonline – pazhampori chaat.

Pillai says that the pazhampori or banana fritters used in this recipe are sun-dried, unlike their oil-fried counterparts.

“Malayales love Nendra banana. Chaat is a North Indian street favourite. Poured into one dish, this pazhampori chaat is made by mixing the sun-dried bananas with two sauces – one made from yogurt and honey, the other from dates and tamarind sauce. Garnish it with Kerala mixture, pomegranate, julienne ginger and coriander leaves and you have a delicious snack on your hands,” adds Pillai.