Chocolate Chili Biscotti Recipe – NYT Cooking

Chocolate Chili Biscotti Recipe - NYT Cooking

The word “biscotti” comes from the Latin biscoctus, or twice cooked: the dough is rolled into logs and spread in the oven, then cooled, sliced ​​and pushed back in to bake a little more. The second spin in the oven essentially sucks them dry and gives them that signature crunch. Too much crunch, however, and they can be a little fragile. Pastry chef Mark Sopchak makes biscotti that are shorter and narrower – “Biscottini!” an Italian passerby once said – and always a little softer, with the addition of butter. These biscuits are thin enough to snap cleverly under the teeth and then crumble obediently. Partly inspired by Mexican mole, they have a hint of cashew creaminess and a wild touch of chili powder, just enough to get you humming. —Ligaya Mishan

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