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There are countless dishes you can cook in outwardsranging from cooked berries to meringue. Because of this, there are many recipes that you can learn. In this guide we are going to look at each recipe and how to make it.

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We also discuss the effects of the dishes. Some complex meals provide useful benefits that can help you survive while exploring. This guide also includes meals available through DLC, which are highlighted so you know. First, let’s see where you can cook.


Where to cook?

There are three places where you can cook; campfires, cooking pots and kitchens. Campfire Kits can be made from your inventory with only three pieces of wood and can be placed anywhere in the world.

To light a campfire you also need flint and iron, or an ability that can start a fire, such as Spark. At campfires, you can only cook with one ingredient at a time.

Cooking pots can then be added to a campfire, allowing you to create more complex meals with up to four ingredients. Kitchens work the same way as cooking pots, but you can find them in homes. Each city in the game has a house that you can buy that comes with a kitchen.

Now that you know where to cook, let’s take a look at campfire recipes.

Campfire Recipes

Below you will find every recipe that can be made over a campfire. These dishes only require the item listed in the dish name, making them easy to prepare† For example, to create Boiled Azure Shrimp, you only need one Azure Shrimp.

In addition, you don’t need a recipe to make a dish; you can experiment within the cooking menu. If you do make an invalid combination, it will be food food waste, which should not be eaten.

Cooking pot and kitchen recipes

All subsequent meals served in either the cooking pot or in a kitchen. These meals combine several other ingredients, some of which involve previously cooked items


Finally, we have tea. tea will restore your thirstas well as provide a variety of beneficial effects.

tea name ingredients Effects
is tea
  • Removes infection
  • Restored 20 burnt health and 20 burnt stamina
Bitter Spicy Tea
  • 1x Water
  • 1x Ocher Herb Beetle
  • 7% Restored thirst
  • Restores 15 Stamina Burn
  • Cold weather up defense
  • Removes infection
greasy tea
  • 1x Water
  • 1x Crysocolla Beetle
  • 7% Restored thirst
  • 20 Burnt Health Restored
  • Removes Ambraine Withdrawal
  • 1x Water
  • 1x Funnel Beetle
  • 7% Restored thirst
  • 20 burnt mana
  • cool effect
  • Indigestion and Meeka Fever Removed
Mineral tea
  • 1x Water
  • 1x Gravel Beetle
  • 7% Restored thirst
  • 15 Burned Health Restores Impact Resistance Up
  • Removes indigestion
Needle tea
  • 7% Restored thirst
  • 15 Burned Stamina Restored
  • Warm weather defense
  • Indigestion removed
Soothing tea
  • 7% Restored thirst
  • 15 Burnt Mana Restored
  • Removes Cold Sickness

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